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ha ha ha! that's funny is one of my friend penthouse in Montreal i use to live there few months


god DAMN YOU! lol jk, yeah it's a pretty sweet place and very affordable considering other penthouses exactly like those located in Toronto or Vancouver.


This one in Vancouver is pretty neat as well, although I prefer the one in Montreal (look at the freaking price difference!!)




















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Because we can all dream while we wait to become millionaires right?


Post pictures and/if possible a link to your dream house/apartment :highfive:


At the moment I'm in love with this one:




thats been on the market for a while... it wont sell... they are stuck with a view of Quebecor :(

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Une des maisons les chère du monde situé près de Londres. Elle vaut 125 000 000$ CAD:





Some facts:

* 103 rooms

* five swimming pools

* 50-seat screening room

* 24-carat-gold leafing flooring

* squash court

* bowling alley

* all-weather, floodlit tennis courts

* 58-acre estate

* 22 bedroom and bathroom suites

* Gate lodge

* estate manager’s office

* Private cinema

* Stables

* Heated marble driveway

* Underground garaging for eight limousines

* a shooting gallery

* 30 self-contained luxury apartments

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