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Depuis hier je fais de la lecture à propos de la ville de Detroit.. c'est vraiment incroyable comment cette ville a déterioré.


Premièrement, voici une ville en bonne santé:



Montréal, QC


Population (approx; de la ville, et non de l'agglomération)

1950 : 995,000

2006 : 1,620,000


Augmentation de 63%


Quelques photos








Et maintenant...



Detroit, MI


Population (aprox; de la ville, et non de l'agglomération)

1950 : 1,849,568

2007 : 916,000


Réduction de 50%!!

La moitié de la population a disparu!


Les prédictions pour 2030 donnent à Detroit une population de 750,000-800,000!


Quelques photos

































C'est vraiment incroyable comme déteroriation.. que peux faire les É-U pour sauver cette ville parmis les plus historiques du pays?

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Yeah, Detroit has less people today then it did 50 years ago. A few factors at work here:

1. Declining auto industry in the last 25 years (I'm not usually a Michael Moore fan, but watch the film Roger & Me, it's a very revealing look at what happened to towns like Flint (similar things at work in Detroit). If people stop buying American cars, then money that would have paid salaries in Michigan is going elsewhere.


2. White flight (Some white people are afraid of having black neighbours so they leave the center of the city).


I'm not sure if the housing crisis is at work here, but a lot of people in Detroit got their homes repossessed. Detroit is now one of the most violent cities in the US. It looks like a third world city. It's a real shame because there is some nice architecture there that's laying in ruin.

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