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- Recharge their Apple laptops


- Recharge their iPods


- Download music, TV, and films from the iTunes Store


- Access our free WiFi network


- Purchase an iPod, iPod accessories, noise cancelling headphone, or any other travel accessories


- Test and purchase the latest Apple computers including the lightest laptop on the planet: Macbook Air


- Purchase software or games


"The Airport Boutique iStore locations will improve passengers' experience by ensuring they have the possibility to upload, recharge or purchase the must-have items that make a long flight more pleasant." said Hugues Brassard, Aeroports de Montreal's Assistant Director, Commercial Services.


(Courtesy of Canadian Business)

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is this a Apple company or is this a banner chain with Apple Licenses?


reseller actually


still pretty good though, seeing its suppose to be the first store dedicated to only mac products and such.


i'm in just for the free wifi lol

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