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Le Chagall 2 x 17 étages 47m


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Bien mieux que l'ancien modèle de Panzini de 2003! (En fait, c'est le même nom, mais je sais pas si c'est le même projet)


Ancien modèle







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On dirait un gros hopital psychiatrique...


L'ancien modèle de Panzini, peut-être, mais quand même pas le nouveau! Je l'aime bien le nouveau!

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5. The Marc Chagall Twin Towers


There was great curiosity concerning the status of the Twin Towers, two 17 storey condos which were supposed to be built at the corner of Marc Chagall near Mackle. The original project has been cancelled. While the zoning, established some 20 years ago, remains in place, so does a sales office shed. The city has issued a series of infractions to the owners in the hopes that the shed will be taken down. This is all that law allows us to do. Some residents wished to know whether there is any chance the current zoning of 17 storeys could be downgraded, possibly to nine. Mr. Tordjman said this is something the city is looking into, especially now that the construction permit has failed. There was also a request to see if the area could be grassed over and beautified. Our bylaws do require that the owners of vacant land keep it clean or they face fines. We will stay on top of them in this regard. It is interesting to note that the website for the project (http://www.lechagall.com) remains online.




Côte Saint-Luc City Hall Council Chamber

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