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Big Conference in Town


Thu, 2007-07-26 15:30.

Shuyee Lee


3700 conventioneers are descending on Montreal starting tomorrow for a four day meeting.



And they'll be bringing their expense accounts with them - good news for the local economy.


Volunteers wearing bright red polo shirts around the city will be welcoming delegates of the MPI - Meeting Professionals International - people who plan conventions, seminars and business meetings.


It's the biggest MPI convention ever held, with 3700 delegates from around the world, generating as much as 100-million dollars in short and mid-term economic spinoffs if all goes well.


Charles Lapointe head of Tourism Montreal says word of mouth can spread.


"Oh, I had a good meeting in Montreal, maybe I should bring my group to that city because my delegates will like it."


Lapointe is not too worried about the soaring loonie affecting business, saying the overall drop in U.S. tourists is only about 5 per cent and that's across the country.

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