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The two of us met in Montreal in 1999. Neither of us was born or raised in the city--we moved here at the tail end of the '90s as part of the Great Migration that brought dozens, perhaps even hundreds, from British Columbia to Montreal's thriving Mile End neighborhood. But we both took to our surroundings quickly. We bonded over a number of things (the usual: books, films, cats, etc.), and chief among them was a shared love of food and of Montreal as the perfect terrain for this passion.


It's been getting its due again in recent years, largely because of the splash made by a new wave of chefs and restaurateurs, but Montreal has long been a great "eating city"--not just a city with a lot of restaurants, but one that likes to eat and eat well, a city of gourmands. People here appreciate good food, they're willing to spend money on it, they love to cook and talk about food, and they take the time to enjoy it. They're our kind of people.


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