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Worst thing on the planet. That is one of the main reasons why I do not drive in this city.


I swear, if it happens again. I am going to register for a handgun.


If anyone see's a black Madza 3 on the left side backdoor (window) with Zoo York on it. Also it has an Albi Mazda sticker on the back of the car, can't remember which side though. Please take down the license plate and send it to me.




I'd probably feel safer in Israel then here.

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Also if your nice enough and the car is parked somewhere, please take pictures of the car and what, with the license plate. It will make my life easier. Please do not photoshop.


One thing all I know he is a white male, with a shaved head.

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Road Rage is getting worse and worse. The worst culprits are SUV and van drivers...


Around where did this incident take place, jesseps?


The circle near the 40 and 520.


Best thing I just looked up the gun laws here in Canada, it's a crime to defend yourself with a handgun, so what is the use to have a gun if you can not defend yourself :confused: Guess I will have too take up martial arts again.


One thing I walk often also, I've had a couple close calls with people running red lights fucking assholes.

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