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McGill takes 12th spot in global ranking




From Thursday's Globe and Mail

November 8, 2007 at 5:05 AM EST


An international ranking of universities has put Montreal's McGill University in 12th spot, the highest rank to be reached by a Canadian institution.


The annual rating, done by London-based Times Higher-QS World University Rankings, moved McGill up from its 21st placement last year. Ten other Canadian universities made the top 200 list, with the University of British Columbia finishing in the 33rd spot and the University of Toronto in the 45th.


"This is such a source of pride for us. It shows that McGill is moving in the right direction," principal Heather Munroe-Blum said.


The placement means McGill is now the top-ranked public university in North America, she said. It also demonstrates that the practice of concentrating resources on areas of excellence such as neuroscience, developmental biology and law is showing results, she added. "We have chosen our spots very carefully in areas where we can be leaders in the world."


The rating, which was to be released this morning in London, comes at an important time for McGill as it looks to tap its network of alumni for a major fundraising campaign and is striving to increase its profile.


Harvard University once again was placed at the top of the international ranking, which was conducted by an independent firm, sold off by the owners of the Times of London in 2005.


Oxford, Cambridge and Yale all shared second place.


The survey considers a number of factors in its rankings and gathers input from more than 5,000 academics around the world.

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The Ecole Normale Superieure (26) & the Ecole Polytechnique (28) of France are the two top french speaking schools in the ranking. However, they can't be considered as "universities" per se as they only welcome very few students (about 2000 each) compared to douzens of thousands for the UofM.


Here's the ranking (present year, last year)


1 1 HARVARD University United States

2= 2 University of CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom

2= 3 University of OXFORD United Kingdom

2= 4= YALE University United States

5 9 Imperial College LONDON United Kingdom

6 10 PRINCETON University United States

7= 7 CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech) United States

7= 11 University of CHICAGO United States

9 25 UCL (University College LONDON) United Kingdom

10 4= MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (MIT) United States

11 12 COLUMBIA University United States

12 21 MCGILL University Canada

13 13 DUKE University United States

14 26 University of PENNSYLVANIA United States

15 23 JOHNS HOPKINS University United States

16 16 AUSTRALIAN National University Australia

17 19= University of TOKYO Japan

18 33= University of HONG KONG Hong Kong

19 6 STANFORD University United States

20= 35= CARNEGIE MELLON University United States

20= 15 CORNELL University United States

22 8 University of California, BERKELEY United States

23 33= University of EDINBURGH United Kingdom

24 46= King's College LONDON United Kingdom

25 29= KYOTO University Japan

26 18 Ecole Normale Supérieure, PARIS France

27 22 University of MELBOURNE Australia


29 42 NORTHWESTERN University United States

30 40 University of MANCHESTER United Kingdom

31 35= The University of SYDNEY Australia

32 54= BROWN University United States

33= 50= University of BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada

33= 45 University of QUEENSLAND Australia

33= 19= National University of SINGAPORE Singapore

36 14 PEKING University China

37 64= University of BRISTOL United Kingdom

38= 50= The CHINESE University of Hong Kong Hong Kong

38= 29= University of MICHIGAN United States

40 28 TSINGHUA University China

41 31 University of CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles (UCLA) United States

42 24 ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Switzerland

43 38 MONASH University Australia

44 41 University of NEW SOUTH WALES Australia

45 27 University of TORONTO Canada

46 70= OSAKA University Japan

47 66 BOSTON University United States

48 69 University of AMSTERDAM Netherlands

49 43 NEW YORK University (NYU) United States

50 46= The University of AUCKLAND New Zealand

51= 63 SEOUL National University Korea, South

51= 32 University of TEXAS at Austin United States

53= 58= HONG KONG University of Science & Technology Hong Kong

53= 78 TRINITY College Dublin Ireland

55= 84 University of WASHINGTON United States

55= 79= University of WISCONSIN‐Madison United States

57 73 University of WARWICK United Kingdom

58 44 University of CALIFORNIA, San Diego United States

59 17 LONDON School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom

60 58= HEIDELBERG University Germany

61 96 Katholieke Universiteit LEUVEN Belgium

62 105= University of ADELAIDE Australia

63 86 DELFT University of Technology Netherlands

64 111= University of WESTERN AUSTRALIA Australia

65= 90= University of BIRMINGHAM United Kingdom

65= 98 Ludwig‐Maximilians‐Universität München (MUNICH) Germany

67 82= Technische Universität MÜNCHEN Germany

68 102= University of SHEFFIELD United Kingdom

69 61= NANYANG Technological University Singapore

70 85 University of NOTTINGHAM United Kingdom

71= 61= DARTMOUTH College United States

71= 111= UPPSALA University Sweden

73 77 University of ILLINOIS United States

74= 56 EMORY University United States

74= 124= University of YORK United Kingdom

76 109= University of ST ANDREWS United Kingdom

77= 88 University of PITTSBURGH United States

77= 127 PURDUE University United States

79 111= University of MARYLAND United States

80= 121 University of LEEDS United Kingdom

80= 141= University of SOUTHAMPTON United Kingdom

82 53 VANDERBILT University United States

83 81 University of GLASGOW United Kingdom

84 90= LEIDEN University Netherlands

85= 60 CASE WESTERN RESERVE University United States

85= 116= FUDAN University China

85= 87 University of VIENNA Austria

88 176 QUEEN'S University Canada

89 95 UTRECHT University Netherlands

90= 99= PENNSYLVANIA STATE University United States

90= 118 TOKYO Institute of Technology Japan

92 102= RICE University United States

93= 54= University of COPENHAGEN Denmark

93= 181= University of MONTREAL Canada

95 48= University of ROCHESTER United States

96 170= University of CALIFORNIA, Davis United States

97= 133= University of ALBERTA Canada

97= 145 GEORGIA Institute of Technology United States

99 141= CARDIFF University United Kingdom

100 116= University of HELSINKI Finland

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What they don't mention is that they actually invited over 200,000 academics from all over the world and only 5,000 responded, AND that's 5,000 over a three year period! The response rate is less than 1% per year. A reminder that all rankings, as flattering as they may be, are to be taken lightly.

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Comme j'ai dit à mon ami de l'Université de Montréal (93e meilleure université du monde), nous (12e meilleure université de la Terre) devons prendre ce titre avec humilité et retenue... :cool2:

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McGill University improves world ranking

The Gazette

Published: 6 hours ago


McGill University rose three spots in the most recent annual world ranking of universities. According to Shanghai Jiao Tong University's 2008 list, McGill is ranked 60th in the world, 42nd in North and Latin America and third in Canada. Harvard University captured first place worldwide and in the Americas; the University of Toronto took first place in Canada. Shanghai University researchers studied about 1,200 universities to compile the list, taking into account such factors as the number of Nobel Prizes awarded to faculty and staff, publications by faculty, research citations and per capita academic performance.


View the full results at

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      Voir page 1452 pour d'autres images
      CA du 7 mai 2019
      Item: 40:13
      1) D'accorder, pour le bâtiment situé sur une le lot 1 066 120 du cadastre du Québec,
      conformément au Règlement sur les projets particuliers de construction, de modification
      ou d'occupation d'un immeuble (CA-24-011), l'autorisation
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    • By IluvMTL
      A feasibility study to consider the addition of various options in proximity to McTavish Street to facilitate access to the Belvedere Kondiaronk/Chalet and other areas up the hill from downtown, especially for seniors and the mobility/physically challenged, but also to serve other users.
      Making the Mont-Royal and other points up the hill more accessible 
      As it now stands, as far as reaching the lookout or chalet is concerned, the Peel steps and various inclines encountered are out of the question for many, including families. The closest alternate route by public transit is via Guy, plus 2 buses and a walk. That is not very convenient for many. Another important consideration is that there are no elevators in the Guy metro for people who need them.  The McTavish route could let people off in the Allan Memorial Institute parking lot, a few steps from the  Route Olmstead which has a much gentler slope for going the rest of the way to the lookout. If a bus route is the option selected, the service could be seasonal, or only in service on week-ends, holidays and special events. Other options for the mountain could be a funiculaire or an electric shuttle that would travel on the Olmstead Road at a reduced speed about once an hour.  Advantages
      A more convenient route would be an enticement to visit the mountain, and more often, since it would be much simpler and quicker for tourists and montrealers to reach the lookout. It would also ensure that the chalet be better utilized since it would be so much easier to get to, no matter the season. More concerts and special events could be held there throughout the seasons. Since the McTavish line would run though the McGill Campus, it would also be a N-S shuttle of sorts, getting McGill students and employees between the various campus buildings and the REM/Metro/downtown. This line could also be used for residents in the Square Mille, McGill Ghetto as well people going to games at Molson stadium or the other McGill athletic facilities. Being part of the Fleuve-Montagne makes it an natural draw for tourists and this line is only steps away from the main tourist office on Square Dorchester as well as Sainte-Catherine and may major hotels. People could also transfer to the ave des Pins bus for other points east and west. The line is a short hop from McGill Metro, the REM and Central Station, making it part of the hub. The route could be extended further southward to the Tourist office at Dorchester or  widened to cover a broader area if need be. This line would be an alternative to the bus lines that run north, on Guy and du Parc. Easier public access means fewer private cars and tour busses traveling to the mountain, and fewer vehicles on the road. A fee structure could be put in place to include the shuttle and funicular, or just the shuttle to the site (reg. STM bus pass) (close to the Grand Escalier et the Route Olmstead). Access to PVM & Olympic Tower are in the ($20-25). The Kondiaronk summit on Mont-Royal is a major tourist attraction.
      Let's facilitate access for all groups & promote another way to experience the mountain.
      Image 1: McTavish Funicular Shuttle Route (in orange)
      Image 2: Funicular (universal access) inspired by the one in use at Montmartre (Paris) 

    • By IluvMTL
      Montreal stands out more for quality of life than economic vitality
      The report suggests Montreal isn't quite living up to its potential, but the city does have one card up its sleeve: quality of life.
      PRESSE CANADIENNE Published on: May 22, 2018 | Last Updated: May 22, 2018 8:41 AM EDT "In Montreal, you don't necessarily have the salaries of Silicon Valley, around San Francisco, but you have a very good quality of life."DARIO AYALA / MONTREAL GAZETTE
        Montreal continues to lag behind other large North American cities when it comers to economic vitality, according to a ranking produced by the Institut du Québec, but the city does have one card up its sleeve: its quality of life.
      “In Montreal, you don’t necessarily have the salaries of Silicon Valley, around San Francisco, but you have a very good quality of life,” Jean-Guy Côté, the associate director of the institute, said in an interview. 
      “Studies are starting to show that the younger generations, people who have a lot of talent, aren’t only concerned about salary,” he said. 
      For three years, the research institute, a joint venture between the Conference Board of Canada and HEC Montréal, has compared Montreal to other North American cities. It looks at five categories: economic vitality, human capital, innovation, quality of life and attractiveness.
      The ranking compares Montreal with Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco, among others. It uses data from the most recent Canadian census, conducted in 2016.
      La Presse Canadienne was able to consult the most recent report, released on Tuesday, in advance.
      According to its conclusions, Montreal has several weaknesses when it comes to the economy but it makes up for it when it comes to quality of life.
      Montreal has affordable housing, the crime rate is low and the public transit offering is diverse — all of which compare well to the 14 other large cities studied. 
      The economy: the weak point
      When it comes to the economy, Montreal continues to struggle to stand out.
      Even though 2016 and 2017 were very good years for Montreal, the city was ranked 14 out of 15 for economic activity in 2016. 
      In terms of economic growth, Montreal rose two spots between 2014 and 2016, but it remains in 13th place, tied with Philadelphia.
      San Francisco was ranked first in both categories.
      “Of course we can’t see the needle moving much yet. It’s going to take many years like this before Montreal can move up the ranking,” Côté said. “What Montreal can do, is to continue the strategy that’s already begun, that is, attract investors but also attract talent, so people who have a particular field or expertise.”
      Improvements as well
      The city’s results improved a little when it comes to attractiveness, innovation and human capital — which notably takes into account the percentage of residents who have a bachelor’s degree and the integration of immigrants into the labour market. 
      On those last two points, the researchers say the improvements are not enough. Montreal ranks 14th.
      “Since 2013, there have been more Montrealers aged 25 to 64 who have a university degree. This increase of 1.4 per cent exceeds only the rate of the increase seen in Minneapolis, St. Louis and Phoenix,” they said. 
      As for innovation, the results are acceptable, according to the report, but Montreal has the potential to go much further. 
      Other observations from the report Comparer Montréal
      Montreal was in 15th place when it comes to disposable income per capita, which was $28,600 in 2016. Toronto and Vancouver are just ahead, in 14th and 13th place respectively. “Note, however, that when private health care spending per resident is taken into account on both sides of the border, the gap between the other Canadian and American cities is significantly smaller.”
      Montreal was ahead of Philadelphia, Boston and Pittsburgh when it came to the growth in the number of building permits. “Using a three-year moving average, the growth in the number of building permits issued increased from minus-7.7 per cent to 5.8 per cent.”
      Montreal is in last place when it comes to the percentage of the population living below the poverty line. That percentage increased from 13.3 per cent to 18.9 per cent in 2016.
      Montreal’s record on road congestion has stalled, falling behind cities like Boston, Philadelphia and Denver. Toronto and Vancouver remain in 12th and 13th place respectively. “Montreal wasn’t designed around automobile traffic,” Côté said. Many American cities were built around road grids. 
      by Vicky Fragasso-Marquis
    • By IluvMTL
      Une Proposition pour faciliter l'accès au parc Mont-Royal de Axio Strategies  / Robert Laramée pour Fleuve/Montagne

    • By Mondo_Grosso
      I know that many of you are against Montreal having it's own version of Time Square, but the point of this post is not to debate that. Rather, it's to look at potential locations if we had to chose one.
      Based on examples like Time Square in New York, Shibuya District in Tokyo,  Piccadilly Circus in London, Dundas Square in Toronto, I defined my own criteria as:
      Must be by an open area Must be close to commercial sector Must be accessible by metro At that, I have come up with Square Concordia, this is the area today:

      Here is why I think that this is the ideal area:
      There are 3 large blind walls for the screens High density of 24/hour restaurants and bars High levels of foot traffic at all times Proximity to various festivals There are already renovated squares on each side of the street. The pedestrian area could be expanded to the parking lot on the right. There's a back lane in the lower right corner where food trucks could enter by and park in the square. A stage could also be setup there for events like Crescent Street Grand Prix Festival, Fantasia Film Festival, etc.

      Highlighted in green are areas where a screen could go, solid green are screens on top of buildings, the yellow is where I would put food trucks or a stage:

      These type of squares a great tourist attractions, both Toronto and New York list them at the top of tourist attractions. I also think that having a second public area in the west of downtown for smaller festivals would be a great compliment to the bigger festivals east at Place Des Festivals.
      Let me know what you think, if you have another suggestion, please share. Thank you for reading!