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    McGill takes 12th spot in global ranking




    From Thursday's Globe and Mail

    November 8, 2007 at 5:05 AM EST


    An international ranking of universities has put Montreal's McGill University in 12th spot, the highest rank to be reached by a Canadian institution.


    The annual rating, done by London-based Times Higher-QS World University Rankings, moved McGill up from its 21st placement last year. Ten other Canadian universities made the top 200 list, with the University of British Columbia finishing in the 33rd spot and the University of Toronto in the 45th.


    "This is such a source of pride for us. It shows that McGill is moving in the right direction," principal Heather Munroe-Blum said.


    The placement means McGill is now the top-ranked public university in North America, she said. It also demonstrates that the practice of concentrating resources on areas of excellence such as neuroscience, developmental biology and law is showing results, she added. "We have chosen our spots very carefully in areas where we can be leaders in the world."


    The rating, which was to be released this morning in London, comes at an important time for McGill as it looks to tap its network of alumni for a major fundraising campaign and is striving to increase its profile.


    Harvard University once again was placed at the top of the international ranking, which was conducted by an independent firm, sold off by the owners of the Times of London in 2005.


    Oxford, Cambridge and Yale all shared second place.


    The survey considers a number of factors in its rankings and gathers input from more than 5,000 academics around the world.

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    The Ecole Normale Superieure (26) & the Ecole Polytechnique (28) of France are the two top french speaking schools in the ranking. However, they can't be considered as "universities" per se as they only welcome very few students (about 2000 each) compared to douzens of thousands for the UofM.


    Here's the ranking (present year, last year)


    1 1 HARVARD University United States

    2= 2 University of CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom

    2= 3 University of OXFORD United Kingdom

    2= 4= YALE University United States

    5 9 Imperial College LONDON United Kingdom

    6 10 PRINCETON University United States

    7= 7 CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Caltech) United States

    7= 11 University of CHICAGO United States

    9 25 UCL (University College LONDON) United Kingdom

    10 4= MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (MIT) United States

    11 12 COLUMBIA University United States

    12 21 MCGILL University Canada

    13 13 DUKE University United States

    14 26 University of PENNSYLVANIA United States

    15 23 JOHNS HOPKINS University United States

    16 16 AUSTRALIAN National University Australia

    17 19= University of TOKYO Japan

    18 33= University of HONG KONG Hong Kong

    19 6 STANFORD University United States

    20= 35= CARNEGIE MELLON University United States

    20= 15 CORNELL University United States

    22 8 University of California, BERKELEY United States

    23 33= University of EDINBURGH United Kingdom

    24 46= King's College LONDON United Kingdom

    25 29= KYOTO University Japan

    26 18 Ecole Normale Supérieure, PARIS France

    27 22 University of MELBOURNE Australia


    29 42 NORTHWESTERN University United States

    30 40 University of MANCHESTER United Kingdom

    31 35= The University of SYDNEY Australia

    32 54= BROWN University United States

    33= 50= University of BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada

    33= 45 University of QUEENSLAND Australia

    33= 19= National University of SINGAPORE Singapore

    36 14 PEKING University China

    37 64= University of BRISTOL United Kingdom

    38= 50= The CHINESE University of Hong Kong Hong Kong

    38= 29= University of MICHIGAN United States

    40 28 TSINGHUA University China

    41 31 University of CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles (UCLA) United States

    42 24 ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Switzerland

    43 38 MONASH University Australia

    44 41 University of NEW SOUTH WALES Australia

    45 27 University of TORONTO Canada

    46 70= OSAKA University Japan

    47 66 BOSTON University United States

    48 69 University of AMSTERDAM Netherlands

    49 43 NEW YORK University (NYU) United States

    50 46= The University of AUCKLAND New Zealand

    51= 63 SEOUL National University Korea, South

    51= 32 University of TEXAS at Austin United States

    53= 58= HONG KONG University of Science & Technology Hong Kong

    53= 78 TRINITY College Dublin Ireland

    55= 84 University of WASHINGTON United States

    55= 79= University of WISCONSIN‐Madison United States

    57 73 University of WARWICK United Kingdom

    58 44 University of CALIFORNIA, San Diego United States

    59 17 LONDON School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom

    60 58= HEIDELBERG University Germany

    61 96 Katholieke Universiteit LEUVEN Belgium

    62 105= University of ADELAIDE Australia

    63 86 DELFT University of Technology Netherlands

    64 111= University of WESTERN AUSTRALIA Australia

    65= 90= University of BIRMINGHAM United Kingdom

    65= 98 Ludwig‐Maximilians‐Universität München (MUNICH) Germany

    67 82= Technische Universität MÜNCHEN Germany

    68 102= University of SHEFFIELD United Kingdom

    69 61= NANYANG Technological University Singapore

    70 85 University of NOTTINGHAM United Kingdom

    71= 61= DARTMOUTH College United States

    71= 111= UPPSALA University Sweden

    73 77 University of ILLINOIS United States

    74= 56 EMORY University United States

    74= 124= University of YORK United Kingdom

    76 109= University of ST ANDREWS United Kingdom

    77= 88 University of PITTSBURGH United States

    77= 127 PURDUE University United States

    79 111= University of MARYLAND United States

    80= 121 University of LEEDS United Kingdom

    80= 141= University of SOUTHAMPTON United Kingdom

    82 53 VANDERBILT University United States

    83 81 University of GLASGOW United Kingdom

    84 90= LEIDEN University Netherlands

    85= 60 CASE WESTERN RESERVE University United States

    85= 116= FUDAN University China

    85= 87 University of VIENNA Austria

    88 176 QUEEN'S University Canada

    89 95 UTRECHT University Netherlands

    90= 99= PENNSYLVANIA STATE University United States

    90= 118 TOKYO Institute of Technology Japan

    92 102= RICE University United States

    93= 54= University of COPENHAGEN Denmark

    93= 181= University of MONTREAL Canada

    95 48= University of ROCHESTER United States

    96 170= University of CALIFORNIA, Davis United States

    97= 133= University of ALBERTA Canada

    97= 145 GEORGIA Institute of Technology United States

    99 141= CARDIFF University United Kingdom

    100 116= University of HELSINKI Finland

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    What they don't mention is that they actually invited over 200,000 academics from all over the world and only 5,000 responded, AND that's 5,000 over a three year period! The response rate is less than 1% per year. A reminder that all rankings, as flattering as they may be, are to be taken lightly.

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    McGill University improves world ranking

    The Gazette

    Published: 6 hours ago


    McGill University rose three spots in the most recent annual world ranking of universities. According to Shanghai Jiao Tong University's 2008 list, McGill is ranked 60th in the world, 42nd in North and Latin America and third in Canada. Harvard University captured first place worldwide and in the Americas; the University of Toronto took first place in Canada. Shanghai University researchers studied about 1,200 universities to compile the list, taking into account such factors as the number of Nobel Prizes awarded to faculty and staff, publications by faculty, research citations and per capita academic performance.


    View the full results at www.arwu.org/rank2008/EN2008.htm

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