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Le produit intérieur brut canadien a augmenté de 0,7 % en juillet dernier selon Stati

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    • By Acajou
      Site de La Savane

      Je n'ai rien trouvé à ce sujet sur Mtlurb. Aussi, je ne connais pas le sérieux de cette proposition mais ça m'a l'air d'avoir dépassé le stade de simple vision. 
    • By ProposMontréal
      Je ne savais pas trop où mettre ce sujet, il y a un fil sur les rénovation, mais je crois qu'il devrait avoir une catégorie complète la dessus. Alors je lance cette proposition au admin.
      faire revivre le Cinema V sur la rue Sherbrooke en centre culutrel.
      The Gazette Source
      There's new hope for old building, Empress Cultural Centre executive says
      Will we ever see a sequel to landmark movie house?
      Its exterior is adorned with the faces of Egyptian nobility, enshrining a grandiose Hollywood pedigree, yet the former Cinema V movie house on Sherbrooke St. and Old Orchard Ave. in Notre Dame de Grâce seems unloved these days, and even more entombed in snow that the rest of us. The art deco building, first opened in 1927 as the Empress Theatre, was last used as a cinema in 1992. Following last month's $225,000 grant from the Côte des Neiges/Notre Dame de Grâce borough, the Empress Cultural Centre, as it is now called, might become the new home to the Black Theatre Workshop and the McGill Conservatory's Community Program, part of the Schulich School of Music at McGill University. The $6.5-million project includes a 300-seat theatre, rehearsal space and two medium-size halls for music, dance and theatre lessons. If Quebec kicks in the rest of the funding, the grand reopening could be in 2010. But will it actually happen? Businessperson and microbrewer Peter McAuslan is on the board of the Empress Cultural Centre.
      Gazette: Why should this plan succeed any more than previous ones?
      McAuslan: Because we finally have credible partners like the Black Theatre Workshop and the McGill Conservatory of Music. Until now, we had raised between $200,000 and $300,000 ourselves, but that was pretty much it. Now, the city has matched it (and a technical plan for the project has been agreed upon). The Black Theatre Workshop (as a performance production company) can apply for the grant from Quebec.
      Gazette: Some board members really went out on a limb (at one point cashing in their RRSPs to pay some back taxes on the property). Why was it so important to them?
      McAuslan: It's an elegant building and it's important to Montreal. The architects (Alcide Chaussé and Emmanuel Briffa) really reflected the public's fascination with art deco and with Egypt after King Tut's tomb was discovered in the 1920s. People came there to see movies and escape the blues of the Depression. It really became part of the fabric of the N.D.G. community, even more so later with the Cinema V. It's a place in time.
      Gazette: Why go to so much
      trouble relocating cultural groups? Aren't they just fine where they are?
      McAuslan: There is a huge synergy when you move several cultural groups, like music and theatre, into a shared space. The crossover between the disciplines is a benefit to everyone. This is the way of the future for the arts, trying to integrate instead of staying separate. In a shared space, other (smaller) arts groups also get access they wouldn't have otherwise. There will be vernissages and spinoffs. The centre will become part of the lifeblood of the local community, and not be shaped by a massive bureaucracy. N.D.G. is a very grassroots-oriented place.
      Gazette: Why is it taking so long?
      McAuslan: There has always been money available from governments, but there is a Byzantine application process and I don't really understand it. Now, we have people (involved in the project) who do understand how the machine works. You know, the Empress has never been designated as a heritage building. It's just had some good people, including the city (which bought it in 1999 for $571,000, and granted ownership to the corporation that became the Empress Cultural Centre) looking out for it. It's taking a long time, like many other arts projects in the city. But it is grinding its way to reality.
    • By UrbMtl
      2025 Bates

    • By UrbMtl
      2085 Bates

    • By ScarletCoral
      Communiqué de la Ville :,42657625&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&id=31328
      Stratégie de développement de 12 000 logements sociaux et abordables - La Ville de Montréal donne une deuxième vie à un stationnement afin de créer du logement abordable
      13 mars 2019
      Montréal, le 13 mars 2019 - La Ville de Montréal poursuit ses efforts afin de maintenir une offre de logements diversifiée dans la métropole. La responsable de l'habitation, de la gestion et de la planification immobilière et de la diversité montréalaise au comité exécutif, Mme Magda Popeanu, est fière de collaborer au développement de logements abordables dans l'arrondissement de Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.
      Le comité exécutif a approuvé le retrait définitif du terrain de stationnement, situé à l'angle de l'avenue Trans Island et du chemin Queen-Mary, de l'entente avec Stationnement Montréal. Cette modification permettra la vente future du terrain à l'organisme Habitat pour l'humanité, qui souhaite y construire un immeuble d'environ six logements abordables privés.
      « Il y a un manque de logements abordables à Montréal, notamment dans l'arrondissement de Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Notre administration s'est engagée à développer 12 000 logements sociaux et abordables sur le territoire et ce projet est un bon exemple de nouveau modèle de développement. Ce projet permettra de transformer un stationnement en un nouveau chez soi abordable et confortable pour des résidents du quartier Côte-des-Neiges », déclare Mme Popeanu, également conseillère de Ville dans Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.
      « Depuis de nombreuses années, nous travaillons à offrir des logements décents et sécuritaires à la population. Ce projet, nous permettra de construire six nouveaux logements à un prix abordable et ainsi offrir un toit à des familles montréalaises. Nous sommes très contents de compter sur la Ville de Montréal comme partenaire dans ce dossier », affirme Mme Madeleine Martins, directrice générale d'Habitat pour l'humanité province de Québec.
      La Ville de Montréal entend poursuivre vigoureusement le développement de logements sociaux et communautaires et de logements abordables sur son territoire.

      Lot 2647805