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Google lance un nouvel fureteur sur le marché pour cométitionner IE7 et Firefox3...


J'étais sceptique au début (vu que la multiplication des fureteurs n'est pas une bonne chose), je dois dire qu'il est vraiment bien fait et le plus important...




essayez le!!



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très intéressant, je viens de l'utiliser pendant les 2 dernières heures et en effet c'est très rapide et l'interface très simple.


Chrome a maintenant une petite longueur d'avance sur Firefox, et une énorme avance sur Iexplorer.

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Google’s shiny new Web browser is vulnerable to a carpet-bombing vulnerability that could expose Windows users to malicious hacker attacks.

Just hours after the release of Google Chrome, researcher Aviv Raff discovered that he could combine two vulnerabilities — a flaw in Apple Safari (WebKit) and a Java bug discussed at this year’s Black Hat conference — to trick users into launching executables direct from the new browser.

Raff has cooked up a harmless demo of the attack in action, showing how a Google Chrome users can be lured into downloading and launching a JAR (Java Archive) file that gets executed without warning.

[ SEE: Google Chrome, the security tidbits ]


In the proof-of-concept, Raff’s code shows how a malicious hacker can use a clever social engineering lure — it requires two mouse clicks — to plant malware on Windows desktops.

The Google Chrome user-agent shows that Chrome is actually WebKit 525.13 (Safari 3.1), which is an outdated/vulnerable version of that browser.

Apple patched the carpet-bombing issue with Safari v3.1.2.


Some Google Chrome early adopters using Windows Vista are reporting that files downloaded from the Internet are automatically dropped on the desktop, setting up a scenario where a combo-attack using this unpatched IE flaw could be used in attacks.

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