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Construction: 2006 (Delayed, started in 2007)

Completion: 2007


Located in a prime location of the West Island, Broccolini has undertaken the design build construction of a combined office and Retail center, unlike any in the area. The architectural importance of the center will match the visibility offered by it's location. This Design Build project has it's participants focus on the it's architectural aspect as much as offering maximum tenant flexibility. 34,000 square feet of retail spaces along with 24,000 sq ft of office space and an underground parking level for more than 40 cars provides the complex the necessary image and amenities to draw high quality service providers, enhancing all benefits that the facility already brings to the area. With an inclination towards a warmer side of design in contrast to the traditional commercial architecture the complex is slated to be named Piazz'Azzurri, an eyewink to European charm and the 2006 World Champion Italian Soccer Team. The complex will be opend in Juin 2007, with a number of eager high profile tenants already on board, such as Houston restaurant, Barwood Pilon floors, Iris, Cartise clothing, a medical clinic and Kinatex physiotherapy clinic.


The actual billboard for the project has "Le Keg Steakhouse", guess they backed out or was just a rendition.


Looks like a great complexe, its weird I move out of the West Island and they start building this thing

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it's almost done! It really is on a prime location and finally something interesting on st-charles, i live right off st-charles..the most borring street ever :D


same here, or used to live off st charles lol

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