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I am living in a very crowded part of Europe , in the triangle Paris-London-Amsterdam so from time to time I'll go to this part of northern France where there is space and a lot of free nature to stroll through:


Let me show you some pictures of Cote d'Opale: unspoiled beauty























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Nice ! , thanks for the pics, it's beautiful. I would love to live there.


A nice lovely area it sure is :)


are they growing grass?


As you can see in several pictures they are growing grass to prevent de dunes to extend.

The daily wind is torturing the landscape where even trees cannot grow on of the hills.


Going to post more photos in about a week.

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magnifiques! toutes les photos des villes que tu as prisent ainsi que celle-ci sont excellentes....je découvre des villes et des paysages qui m'étaient inconnus...(je savais pas que Foch avait un monument...il ne le mérite pas selon moi)...

est-ce que tu sais si les murs etc.. sont des vestiges de la guerre?

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