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Statistiques YUL 2022

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41 minutes ago, thenoflyzone said:

What you are talking about (demand), is one thing. Capacity, is another.

Regional airport at the same level as YYC you say? If ADM doesn't hurry up and modernize/expand YUL into the 21st century, we will soon be left behind even YYC by capacity constraints alone. We're already hitting the ceiling this year, so to speak. YYC, by comparison, has tons of room to grow.

YYZ is in the same predicament as YUL, but they are so far above the rest, it seems like a non issue, when in fact it is.

P.S. And please, no one say "we should have kept YMX open". That ship has sailed.

What’s the capacity limit for YUL today? Added capacity is probably five to seven years out? 

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