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EIU 2007

1. Oslo

2. Paris

5. Tokyo

26. Moscow

28. New York City

31. Barcelona

34. Vancouver

36. Montreal tied with Chicago

41. San Fran

44. St Petersburg (Russia) tied with Washington D.C

47. Tel Aviv

68. Mexico City

92. Budapest


This is what I could disect from citymayors, i could have taken all the cities they had on the list but this one way more simple.


I just cant wait until Mercer and UBS release their findings for 2007.


Mercer 2006

1. Moscow

18. Dublin

24. Tel Aviv

25. Dubai

56. Vancouver

80. Montreal


UBS 2006

1. London

8. Dublin

20. Munich

21. Montreal

30. Dubai

42. Tel Aviv


EIU 2006

1. Oslo

43. Montreal tied with Vancouver

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I have not been to Chicago in years so I couldn't say.


Plus they mostly base the stuff on food purchases and other things.


One thing I read New York City and Tokyo GDP equals or is greater than Canada's GDP, which is pretty insane.


Canada GDP: $1,035,000,000,000 US (2005) [32,848,062 people, 9,976,140 Sq. Km]

New York City GDP: $1,135,000,000,000 US (2005) [8,143,198 people, 1,214.4 Sq. Km]

Montreal GDP: $131,400,000,000 CDN (2005) [1,812723 people, 482.4 Sq. Km]


GDP of cities in 2020

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  • Administrator

The mercer report is for EXPATS... not for people living in their own cities.


its importants to companies like the one i work at to know how much it will cost to send a worker in a certain city for a period of time.

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