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Emirates finally announced its delivery and route schedule for the new A380s that it's supposed to receive from Airbus later this yea, and New York is on the list of destinations.


Starting on August 1st, the Dubai based airline will fly direct from JFK to Dubai three times a week, with routes to San Francisco and Los Angeles to unfurl later in the year.


While this isn't the first time that the massive aircraft has been seen in the states, it will be the first time that regularly scheduled flights are locked into the US and the first time that commoners like you and I have the chance to fly on the aircraft.


Make sure you keep an eye on the schedule and the airline though. While Airbus has most of the tweaks out of its production line, it's not impossible that they could delay delivery by a touch and throw the late summer schedule into disarray.


I for one am looking forward to flying on Emirates' A380. The combination of one of the best airlines in the planet with one of the most advanced aircraft flying around it is enough to make any airplane nerd giggle. We'll keep you updated on the schedule.


(Courtesy of Gadling)

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Au derniere nouvelles la premiere liaison reguliere Paris-Montreal en A380 sera pour l'ete 2010. Il reste plus qu'a attendre 2 petites annees...


d'ici ce temps-là, ils vont avoir abandonné la production parce que c'est un moteur à essence et que ça va couter 50$ le litre hihi

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