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Airbus fello'fly test flights Nov 9-10


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#WingtipWednesday 😁


MSN 0001 and MSN 0059 are still both fully instrumented, with sensors and cameras inside and out.


About 50 pilots and engineers got out of the PTV — like a Space Shuttle flight! — around 8:40 am and boarded the stairs to both aircraft, then started working in and around them. The Swissport guys helped them remove the huge Trent XWB engine covers.


They are pushing back around 11:00 am…


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23 hours ago, thenoflyzone said:

The fuel savings were are talking about here will only be gained during the cruise portion of flight. Most likely in oceanic airspace, where the oceanic NAT tracks are set in advance and where every plane must adhere to said tracks. So route duplication - and therefore formation flights -  are easier to plan on the ocean.

I had an informal chat with a couple of my dispatcher buddies, and while they are not at slot controlled airports, they agree that it wouldn’t actually change local flight schedules. But for a company like air France sending flights at roughly the same time to Montreal and Boston, or New York and DC, the flights could pair up just outside of CDG and stay in formation most of the way across the Atlantic. Ditto for flights by Air Canada leaving here to LHR and CDG let’s say. It’s interesting, at least in concept.

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20 hours ago, SameGuy said:

Crap. Norwegian just took off, I didn’t even know it was here and I couldn’t grab a picture.

Someone already did. It was a Max 8, SE-RYK.

Pic at the following link.


It took off right after the two Airbuses, on it's way to MZJ (Marana, Arizona) which is usually where airlines send their planes for storage. it had come in non stop from Bergen, Norway earlier in the day. Quick fuel stop at YUL, and off it went.

Earlier this year, Norwegian announced that it would retire the type from it's fleet. It will operate solely the B737-800NG from now on. The dreamliners they had are all gone as well. 


Link to flightradar history for the aircraft.



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Yeah I watched it take off but I was busy in the middle of something and couldn’t pull out my iPhone to grab a couple of snaps. Oh well. Thanks for the extra information though, I saw on FR24 where it was heading but was wondering if it was being retired or stored.

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