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Flair Airlines

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Big questions today as to whether Flair respects the legal requirements of Canadian-based control or whether the major decisions are taken in the USA The company from whom they lease their planes is also a major shareholder and there are concerns that it effectively  controls major operational decisions.

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It will be difficult to prove, since 777 Partners, the alleged non-Canadian controlling entity behind Flair, technically owns only 25% of the company, which is within regulations. One thing is for sure, the airline expanded very fast, and seems to be launching routes left right and center, without a real strategy. Reminds me of Jetsgo.

I mean....

Edmonton-Nashville ??? (Westjet operates to BNA, but through their major hubs of YYZ and YYC. Flair has zero feed, and no partners)

Kitchener- Deer Lake ??? (why not YYZ-Deer lake at least....)

A few weeks ago they launched YVR-Burbank. There were apparently only 11 people on board the inaugural flight.


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