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How China builds so fast its infrastructure

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Il y a 9 heures, samal90 a dit :

Interesting video discussing how China builds so fast. Some is tech, but most is political.



Between tech and political, there is industrial might, from basic productions such as steel all the way to machinery and consumer goods.  China produces 13 times more steel than the USA, that is over half the whole world's.  The USA is much more a service economy, most of which is "consumed" locally.  China's population is much larger that the USA's, but not by a factor of 13, rather a little over 4.  On the other hand, the USA is much wealthier, its currency (the USD) is dominant, and of course its military might is unrivaled.

Back to the initial point:  political will is important, but it must contend with a reality that has do do with capacity;  the USA under Joe Biden might achieve some progress in improving American infrastructure, but it cannot be done instantly, regardless of how many trillions of dollars you are prepared to spend. However, in my view, the task of rebuilding America's infrastructure has no need to be as gigantic as the Chinese efforts, because 1) it does not start from virtual scratch (as was the case in China),  2)the population is smaller, and 3) the landscape is less challenging (do not include places such as Alaska, because there is no need to expand the ecumene).   

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