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Getting in touch with condo boards in Montreal

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Hi everyone,

my job over the past couple of years has been to find residential high-rises in the Greater Montreal region and approach the condo boards to propose our elevator screens. Most of the time, I find out which management company has a particular building as their client, contact them, get the property manager's info, and start up a conversation with said PM and, hopefully, they think its worth presenting to the board. However there are some management companies that simply are not willing to present anything to the board, regardless of what the board might want. In other words, they decide for the boards. Not really doing their job, but the problem remains that while I've tried to bypass the PMs, its not that easy to contact the condo boards directly.

So my question is: are there any resources or ways that allow someone to obtain the contact information of condo boards in the Greater Montreal Area?

In have colleagues in other provinces and they sometimes have access to provincial lists of all their condo boards or associations that have exhaustive contact lists, but I haven't found anything like that in Quebec. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


And on the off chance that you yourself live in a high-rise in the Greater Montreal area and are curious about the screens: PM me! (edited to make less self-promotion...just re-read the guidelines!)



Sentez-vous alaise de répliquer en français biensur.

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