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Amtrak unveils plans for enhanced and new service including to Montreal... how's it going VIA?



Investment in America’s infrastructure is critical to the economic and environmental well-being of our nation. As we look to the future, Amtrak is exploring new opportunities to better connect communities, reduce our carbon footprint, and provide economic benefits for every American. Over the next 15 years, Amtrak’s vision for expansion will connect up to 160 communities throughout the United States by building new or improved rail corridors in over 25 states.

Amtrak’s plan will benefit all Americans and impact rural main street and urban city centers. Amtrak will introduce new stations in over half of U.S. states, increase rail service to 47 out of the top 50 metropolitan areas, and create over half a million new, well-paying jobs.

Learn more about state rail plans here.






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