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1600, boul. René-Lévesque O. - 38 étages


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Le 2018-11-27 à 10:24, Russell a dit :

Bentall Kennedy the owner of the site will certainly develop this property as rental apartments. They also have the right to demolish, partially demolish or over-build the larger-floor plate property where Herzing College is located - i know first hand that the rent is very low for the college and other parts of that building. Total allowable density is in the range of 200,000 - 350,000 sf subject to what they maintain. The park in the front may still be maintained if they only do an over-build structure, however they could also create a new street-wall that encourages commercial space with higher pedestrian traffic.

When Bentall acquired the site in 2012 they attributed value to the potential density. That density has since become significantly more valuable and now they are prepared to act. No doubt that they will construct a modern property that interfaces elegantly with the Grey Nuns property. 

Oh! that could be a game changer! I now wish they could build a 120 m behind that green space, so to both offer a lush entrance way for the residents, as well as much better views towards the east! ;)

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Il y a 13 heures, Rocco a dit :

Disons qu'on faisait mieux y'a 3000 ans

On faisait mieux il y a 3000 ans? Pas tant que ça: des murs ultra épais pour des espaces intérieurs extrêmement limités, des corridors qui vont dans tous les sens pour aboutir à quelques chambres sombres et mal divisées. Pas très rentable comme volume intérieur et en plus il fallait chercher la porte. Pas étonnant que les lieux se soient retrouvés complètement morts depuis tout ce temps. :veryhappy:

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