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Satori Condos - 17 étages


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il y a 18 minutes, Rocco a dit :

Problem with Serenity bricks? Its at the exact same point as October 5th pic, on the green fiber. Been 6 months.

Project has been moving slowly,  bricks should be up this spring,  not really concerned about its completion.    Satori is also been moving very slowly,   its now at second floor level.      Le Newman project went up really fast,   even Le flemming  is moving (should start digging next week).    Serenity and Satori are Melatti projects and his first two towers were also  slow to build,  quality looks good though from outside perspective. 

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Serenity tower has been going extremely slow. I imagine they're having trouble renting out a whole tower of appartments at $2000+ per month. Not sure if the whole ''hotel living'' model will really work in Lasalle. Time will tell.

Either that or they want to do the bricks come warmer weather, since they will retain ownership of this one as it's all rentals. This way the mortar doesn't crack and cost them in a few years?

As for Satori, they are going slow but it's above ground level now. I'd be curious to see a bit more information on this project - there's really not much out there.

I'll be happy when all these are completed, then hopefully the city will start to make good on their projects for the area that were laid out 10+ years ago.

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