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Pre inspection hell


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I've tried googling this, but was not successful.

Anyone ever had a pre inspection that went horribly bad? 

It was so bad that the inspector and I didn't have enough time to finish the inspection (1h30 allowed). 

My unit is 634 sq2 - small unit - too! The list of things to fix is so long....

I am so disappointed that I don't even want to sign at the notary in 2 weeks.

  • what actions/measures I have against the developer?
  • what options are available to me?
  • whom should I contact?

Thank you


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Ask your inspector to associate a value to each of the deficient items and tell the developer that you aren't signing for your condo until it is 95% complete (based on condo value). Also, there is most probably a clause in your contract that stipulates how long they have to fix issues discovered during the pre-inspection. 

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