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Statistiques YUL 2020

Normand Hamel

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3 hours ago, monctezuma said:

If I am not wrong, you have to get out of the airport and go directly, without any stop, to your accommodation and do a 14 days quarantine there.

We were thinking of going to Halifax to visit some extended family earlier this summer and this is exactly what we were told. Quickly cancelled those plans.

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Il y a 11 heures, mont royal a dit :

PAL is increasing its service from YUL to the Atlantic region. Haven’t seen the details yet.

Porter seems well managed to me. They might hit the jackpot where others have failed for many reasons, including the COVID19.

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Nameless_1, I believe our fellow contributor mont royal is referring to Provincial Airlines, not Porter. Throughout COVID I think Air Inuit has done the same, we now see their Dash-8s servicing Mont-Joli and Anticosti, if only on an ad hoc basis. I profess that I'm surprised to see a Jazz CRJ still going into Sept-Iles when they've pulled back on so much of their regional network. 

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