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Which Project should Montreal do post REM/Blue Line?


What massive public transportation project should Montreal tackle during or after the REM and Blue Line Extension are completed?  

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  1. 1. What massive public transportation project should Montreal tackle during or after the REM construction and Blue Line Extension are completed?

    • Extending the Orange line to connect with Montmorency station
    • Extending the Yellow Line further into the South Shore
    • Extending the Rem further into Laval
    • Build the Pink Line
    • Extend the Green line West into LaSalle
    • Extend the Blue line West into Cote-St-Luc/Hampstead
    • Build a Metro line across Laval (Laval West/St Dorothee to Duvernay/Vimont) that connects with Montmorency
    • Something else I forgot (please write it below)

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Hey guys back again. 

This time I was just wondering where the community thinks Montreal's public transit focus should be after or during the REM construction and Blue line extension. 

Recently with the mayor of St Laurent at the forefront, discussions on extending the Orange Line have been re-ignited. Since 2007 the Montreal Metro has not added any stations but the city population increased from 3.7million to 4.1+ million in that span (its more now as data stops in 2017). In short Montreal's metropolitan population INCREASED BY 500,000 PEOPLE (the same amount of people as the population of Halifax or Quebec City) and the STM with the governments of Canada and Quebec sat around and did nothing during that span. Assuming when the REM and Blue line projects get completed, and they wont make the same mistakes again by getting started on another project earlier this time, which project should that be?



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