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The 48 best cities in the world in 2019-Montréal en.....


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The 48 best cities in the world in 2019

We surveyed 34,000 city-dwellers to rank the best cities in the world right now. Ready?

By James Manning and Time Out contributors|Posted: Monday March 11 2019


What’s the greatest city in the world? It’s not an easy question to answer – after all, cities are full of people and people are full of contradictions. Some urbanites want world-beating restaurants and unforgettable things to do at every turn. Others prefer affordability, good public transport or friendly neighbours. Still, we think we’ve found a way to discover what makes a city great – and which cities are leading the way as more and more of the world’s population joins the great urban migration. How? By quizzing thousands of city-dwellers all around the world for the Time Out Index survey.

In partnership with Tapestry Research, we asked almost 34,000 anonymous city-dwellers – from Melbourne to Madrid, Chicago to Cape Town and Tel Aviv to Tokyo – about food, drink, culture, nightlife, community, neighbourhoods, overall happiness and other factors, such as their city’s beauty, affordability and convenience. Then we put the same set of questions to Time Out’s global network of editors and experts: people who know their cities like nobody else. Finally, we crunched the numbers to create the definitive ranking of the world’s best cities in 2019. Read on to discover them all, and prepare to scrap your travel plans: these are the places to be right now.

Don’t agree with our list? Have your say next time! Follow Time Out Everywhere on Facebook, @timeouteverywhere on Instagram and @timeout on Twitter, and you’ll be the first to hear when we launch our next global survey.

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Ces classements sont à prendre avec un grain de sel mais force est d'admettre que Montréal se classe toujours en très bonne place, sixième dans le présent cas. 😎

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Il y a 3 heures, Rocco a dit :

79 percent of locals report being happy but they complain all the time about the weather, the nid de poules, the traffic, the construction sites, the cones oranges, the high taxes, etc etc.. 

Perhaps the act of complaining is what makes people happy.  It's free, and if there is a plethora of matters over which to complain, there should be an equally large amount of reasons to be happy!  (Not a real theory, just a demonstration of what a (suspicious) use of logic can lead to).

Now, let's approach this "issue" from another angle:  imagine a place where everything is perfect --where there is just nothing to complain about.  Think hard, and you may come to the conclusion that this place must be pretty boring indeed!  And of course, boredom is not synonymous with happiness.

Happiness has nothing to do with perfection.  QED.

Thank God, Montrealers have a pretty good chance of being happy for ever. 😁    And thank you Rocco for laying the ground for my reply!


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Time Out ouvrent leur foire alimentaire à Montréal dans quelques jours, c'est sûr qu'ils vont mettre la ville la plus visible possible pour amener de la fréquentation.

La plupart de ces listes sont ultra biaisées, mais dans ce cas précis on atteint un nouveau sommet!

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