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Corruption in Montreal


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Does anyone know of a good source on Montreal corruption?

I'm not asking for research, just for personal interest. A few of the questions I would like to be able to answer are:

- Which companies have bribed officials in the past? Are they still in operation? What has been done about it?

- I know the new hospital and some other large scale projects were immersed in some corrupt deals, but how widespread is corruption in other smaller projects like street renovations, paving, street furniture, etc? Is it common at all? Does the low quality of many streets/sidewalks in Montreal have anything to do with corruption, or is it just the city being cheap? What about garbage collection? Road markings? Signage? Snow removal?

- Is there anything a common citizen can do to help? Raise awareness somehow?

- Do city officials sometimes have their hands tied? Is any openly trying to do anything about it?

- Will I get in trouble for asking questions? 😁


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