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YUL Qatar hub


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A glimpse in my gds for tonight at YUL 19 Jul I would call it a Qatar mini hub 😉

QR  764 J5 C0 D0 I0 R0*YULDOH 2115 1615‡1 77W M 0 X246 DCA /E  
         Y8 B8 H0 K0 M0 L0 V0 S0 N0           

AT/QR  209 J9 C9 D5 Y9*YULCMN 2235 1030‡1 77W DB 0 DCA /E      
            B9 M9 Q9 O9 K9 H9 T0 V0 X0 U0  

AC/QR 2402 J0 C0 D0 Z0 P0*YULBCN 2255 1210‡1 332 MB 0 DCA /E   
            R0 Y9 B9 M9 U9 H9 Q9 V9 W9           

AC/QR 2400 J9 C9 D9 Z9 P9*YULCDG 2050 0945‡1 332 MB 0 DCA /E   
            R9 Y1 B1 M1 U1 H1 Q1 V0 W0             


these are 4 planes at YUL in Qatar metal so cool all for 19 jul 


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