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saint-léonard Coin Lacordaire et Couture (former KFC/PFK site) - ? étages


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Coin Lacordaire et Couture

The lot where the former KFC/PFK was has been fenced off and there have been excavations for a few weeks. I've heard rumours of possibly another condo going up there but I haven't found anything. It could be another rental condo as well which wouldn't be surprising since they just finished the one near the train station (which is expensive for the area). The area is slowly gentrifying with new businesses opening up at the mall and more business with the new train station as well, so I won't be surprised if more announcements coming soon. 

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Il y a 4 heures, Djentmaster001 a dit :

I hope not, there are enough fast food chains in the area. Where did you hear this though? cause I haven't found any info on this specific site. 

This area offers way too much open air parking spaces, what an eyesore i happened to be working close by for years, usually avoiding it...

I also hope it'll get drastically densified, sooner or later!

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