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Impact of Supertall Buildings on Skyline


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I like the idea as long as we'll get something really distinctive. I don't really see the point of the height limit since the mountain is blocked by tall buildings like the PVM and the tour de la bourse from the south looking north anyway. The said 200m buildings also already block the view of the horizon from the lookout looking south as well.

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20 minutes ago, Habsfan said:

Good job. I get the impression that the tallest of your towers is much taller than 300 meters. Looks more like 350+ meters! I would shorten it to something in the 275 meters range and remove the twisty tower as well. Keep the rest and see what it looks like!

What I find interesting is many on this site feel that tall towers would overpower Mount Royal. But the sketches in my opinion do the exact opposite in that the mountain is more noticeable and glorified with taller towers beside it. Right now, they wash out the mountain as some towers are of similar height. 

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