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Je Me Souviens


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"When it was time for Canada to host the sixth round of negotiations, part of the reason why they chose Montreal as host city, was because of Lighthizer's fond memories of Quebec.

"Montreal is one of the great cities of the world, and I have not been back in many years, and I've missed it," Lighthizer said during the closing news conference.

"I used to come here in the 70s and 80s with my wife and children to go to Mont-Tremblant and learn how to ski. We loved the French culture, we loved the excellent food, the wonderful skiing and as I recall, it was cold all the time. That hasn't changed at least," he joked. 


"I always thought that Quebec has the greatest motto anywhere: 'Je me souviens.' It is a perfect comment on history, culture, and even the future. I think it is a perceptive motto for a trade negotiator." 

Il faut savoir apprécier le "soft power" de Montréal et du Québec sur l'échiquier mondiale.

Je suggère aujourd'hui de lire ce compte rendu sympatique de la CBC pour apprécier les acquis de Montréal et du Québec. Le message d'importance se trouve vers la fin du récit.

Le skyline de Toronto est impressionant sans contredit et le climat de la capitale de la Colombie-britanique est plus clément ça va sans dire. Les charmes de Montréal et du Québec sont tout aussi d'une valeur exceptionnel. 

Vivement Montréal et le Québec!

Voici le lien vers la CBC...  https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/freeland-lighthizer-evolution-of-a-trade-relationship-1.4856319



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