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Project Yeti - Oslo Airport


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Norway is ready to put autonomous driving tech to the test—by using it to steer two snowplows around Oslo airport this coming winter, according to the manufacturer of the tech.

Project “Yeti” has already pushed powder around the runway at Fagernes airport earlier this year with marked success, and is set this coming season to make its debut at one of the busiest airports in Scandinavia, tech company Semcon said in a release.

The two Mercedes-Benz plows, retrofit with the Semcon software and hardware, will undergo several tests during live airport operations, beginning in January 2019, with the ultimate goal being a fleet of ten autonomous self-clearing Oslo’s tarmac in the near future.

After that, Semcon hopes other airports around the world will tap them for the tech, too.

The experiment demonstrates that arduous conditions like snow, ice and winter weather may pose difficulties for autonomous vehicle systems, but that they can be made to work.

The project, which involves some of the largest self-driving pieces of machinery in the industry, was developed by Yeti Snow Technology, says the release, which is co-owned by Semcon and Øveraasen, and executed on behalf of Norwegian airport operator Avinor.

(Courtesy of Driving.ca)


It would be interesting to see Montreal do that in the future.

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Interesting..  it would be a good idea in principle here too. I wonder if they make heated runways as well these days, to cut down on snow and ice accumulation. I saw a video also of a new type of ashphelt that fully absorbs water which could be useful on taxiways to prevent aquaplaning. Lots of new and potentially good innovations out there these days. 

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