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Mile-Ex 3-5 Unit Condo


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First time posting, hoping for guidance!

I want to find a contractor and potential buyers to go in with me on a new building in the mile-ex. I do not know which contractor to use, which lot to build in, or who to buy with. All I know is that I want to live there and I am not satisfied with the current offerings.

If you can recommend solutions or people to address any of these concerns, let me know! Feel free to respond in French.




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I don't think mtlurb is the best platform for this. You will first need a clearer vision of what and where you want to build, no one will take you serious with such a vague mission. 

The only way to get a tailor made project would be to own the land first and then find a builder.  I don't know how much money you have, but it will be expensive. 


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1 hour ago, wbarobinson said:

Would it be less expensive than just hoping a construction project comes along? It seems like I could be reducing costs for everyone by finding all the unit buyers up front.




Good advice, don't do it yourself if you are not familiar with the process or find somebody who will find a land and help you along every step. You can make so many mistakes which can make your project much more expensive than buying a new condo from a developer.

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If you buy a piece of land you can hire a general contractor right away and it can be a design-build project (meaning the GC will help you find an architect, engineer etc. to develop some plans). 

It won't be cheap though... 

A+ entrepreneurs généraux might be a good place to start

Good luck

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