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La ville de Kirkland veut améliorer la sécurité des cyclistes et piétons provenant du sud de l'A-40 et désirant accéder à la station du REM (sur la rue Jean-Yves et voisin du Centre RioCan Kirkland) en utilisant le viaduc du Chemin Ste-Marie (en orange ci-dessous).


Safer path leading to Kirkland's REM station in the works
A plan to improve the safety for cyclists accessing Kirkland's REM station from the south is in the works.

KATHRYN GREENAWAY, MONTREAL GAZETTE  |  Updated: November 19, 2019

Work on the REM line near Highway 40 in Kirkland continues and the city works to improve access to the future station. JOHN MAHONEY / MONTREAL GAZETTE

Kirkland is working on a plan to make pedestrian and bicycle access to the city’s future light-rail station safer for people living south of Highway 40 who use a Chemin Ste-Marie overpass.

There are two Chemin St-Marie overpasses in the vicinity, but the one being targeted for changes is the overpass furthest east, with traffic flow moving south to north as it heads to westbound Highway 40.

“That overpass is used by both pedestrians and cyclists,” Kirkland director general Joe Sanalitro said. “What we want to do is cut into the designated bike-path portion of the overpass and link it to Parc des Bénévoles and then to the station.”

The park is a stone’s throw from the future Kirkland Réseau express métropolitain (REM) station, which will be located near the RioCan retail mall, off Jean-Yves St. The Kirkland stop is one of 26 stations in the $6.3 billion, 67-kilometre network which will connect Deux Montagnes, the airport and West Island with downtown and the south shore. Construction is already underway, with the West Island section estimated to be ready to receive passengers in 2023.

The goal is to have the overpass improvements completed by the time the station opens for business.

Sanalitro said a significant segment of Kirkland’s population lives south of the highway near the overpass, making the creation of secure northbound passageway a priority. He said work on the overpass must be approved by Quebec’s Transport Ministry and that the process to obtain approval is underway.

The overpass project will first be submitted to Kirkland council for approval and then included in the 2020-2021 budget. Sanalitro estimated the project would cost between $600,000 and $800,000. The city will apply for a government grant which would cover half the cost.

The overpass improvements address the needs of citizens who are ready and able to embrace the active transport option when accessing the REM station. But walking and biking may not be a viable option when weather is bad, when physical mobility in an issue  or when schedules require a faster mode of transportation.

But vehicular access to the station is limited, at least at this stage in the planning. Kirkland residents hoping to access the station by car have had hopes dashed twice over the past months. Plans for a long-anticipated north/south urban boulevard which would have eased vehicular congestion in the region and fed directly into the REM parking lot were scrapped in 2018 when Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante and the Quebec Transport Ministry announced a change in plans. The urban boulevard will now offer restricted access to the Kirkland station, focusing on access for buses, taxis, pedestrians, car drop-offs and bicycles.

And the original plan for a 2,000-spot parking lot for the station was dropped because the land flagged for the lot was not available. Negotiations to use a portion of the shopping mall’s parking are ongoing.


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Même nouvelle que celle sortie il y a 2 semaines... mais cette fois en français.  

Journal Métro  |  11:46 4 décembre 2019  |  Par:  Francois Lemieux

Nouvelle piste cyclable

Photo: François Lemieux/Cités Nouvelles

L’accès à la future station du Réseau express métropolitain (REM) à Kirkland pourrait être facilité par une piste multifonction aménagée sur le viaduc reliant le chemin Sainte-Marie à l’autoroute 40 Ouest. La Ville de Kirkland attend l’approbation de Québec pour aller de l’avant avec ce projet évalué à 760 000$.

Une passerelle surplombant le fossé vers le réseau cyclable du parc des Bénévoles, situé tout à côté de la future gare du train léger sur la rue Jean-Yves, est également dans les plans.

Le but est de faciliter les déplacements dans le secteur. «Ce projet s’inscrit dans un objectif de la Ville de Kirkland de promouvoir les déplacements en transport actif sur son territoire et de faciliter les déplacements actifs de part et d’autre de l’A-40», explique la chargée de communications, Chantal Bourdon.

Grâce au programme d’aide financière au développement des transports actifs dans les périmètres urbains (TAPU) du ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ), la Ville pourrait obtenir une subvention qui pourrait couvrir jusqu’à la moitié des coûts.

Le MTQ devrait rendre sa décision d’ici février.


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Well, having watched them build the forms for Fairview this time last year, it will be interesting to see it take shape. But it’s twice as high off the ground! 

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Confirmation, the Kirkland station platforms will be above the former catch basin/dog run east of Jean-Yves, and not over the former RioCan Kirkland lot where Madison was torn down. I would imagine the station infrastructure will descend to the RioCan side, where the parking, bus loop and kiss-and-cry will be located.

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@SameGuy As it stands, the station will be on the north-east corner of rue Jean-Yves and the service road with an aerial walkway over the street connecting it to a secondary "entrance" building on the north-west corner. The drop-off area and bus loop will be adjacent to this entrance building :) 

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Yup it became evident when the forms for the normal chevêtres went up on the columns in the Madison lot and the big forms arrived at the dog run on the northeast corner a couple of weeks ago.

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Le 2020-07-29 à 11:27, SameGuy a dit :

Yup it became evident when the forms for the normal chevêtres went up on the columns in the Madison lot and the big forms arrived at the dog run on the northeast corner a couple of weeks ago.

Malheureusement, l'ensemble des chevêtre se situent à l'Est de la Rue Jean-Yves. Il serait étonnant qu'une entrée puisse se trouver du côté de l'ancien Madisons.   Mais bon, peut-être aurons-nous une surprise... ;)







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