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3 minutes ago, felixinx said:

Belle vidéo! Les gens vont peut être enfin comprendre que le REM est en construction!

Est ce que "Anne" est le nom du premier lanceur?

C'est ce que j'ai assumé.

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Reportage vidéo

WATCH: The Pie-IX bus lane is expected to have thousands of parking spots for public transit users. As Global's Billy Shields explains, the announcement flies in the face of West Island residents who want parking spots at new REM stations.

With parking spots lacking for REM stations, West Islanders hope for a change

By Billy Shields
Photojournalist  Global News

A Pierrefonds resident along Antoine-Faucon who only gave his name as Brandon pointed to the lack of cars on his street and shook his head.

“It’s going to be pretty crazy,” Brandon said. “Like, where are people going to park their cars?”

After city officials unveiled a plan to add 1,200 parking spots along a dedicated express bus lane down Pie-IX Boulevard, some West Islanders began to rhetorically ask whether city planners had conceived the system to include them.

The REM stations are badly needed, said Pierrefonds Mayor Jim Beis. “Yet we don’t have the adequate transport, the lanes and streets necessary to get [commuters] to these stations.”

Beis pointed out that plans could still change, and he’s hopeful that the parking spots could return to the plans before the system is fully built.

As for Brandon, he told Global News that if his street becomes a makeshift parking lot for commuters, he might put his house up for sale.

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Je me suis également aventuré un peu plus dans l'ouest afin de prendre constat de l'avancement des travaux de l'antenne Ouest.


Rue Douglas-B Floreani, à Ville Saint Laurent





Et oh... Surprise ! Un lanceur de poutre de ce côté-là aussi ! 😍


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