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Fil de discussion sur les ouvrages d'art (viaducs, structures aériennes, etc.) de l'antenne Ouest-de-l'Île du REM.


Devisubox de l'Antenne Ouest - Aéroport : http://bit.ly/REM_OuestAeroport

Le REM dans l'Ouest -de-l'Île n 3 questions https://rem.info/fr/actualites/le-rem-dans-louest-de-lile-en-3-questions

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Les travaux du REM, passant en aérien sur la rue Douglas-B.-Floreani à Ville Saint-Laurent, progressent également très rapidement.



J'y suis passé la semaine dernière dans le secteur où la feue station "Autoroute 13" aurait été située. 







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Un deux pour un dans le Surburban


REM responds to reduced WI parking spots

By Kevin Woodhouse
The Suburban
7 hrs ago

Following the recent announcement by the REM light rail project regarding the diminution of expected parking spots for West Island stations, The Suburban spoke to the REM’s Harout Chitilian, lead of the communications and public relations department about the choice as well as the massive disruption in the Deux Montagnes commuter train line coming up in a year.

After the announcement, many West Island mayors decried the choice noting that if residents cannot get to the station in an easy or timely fashion, they will not choose to use the rail system.

“The reality being that if parking was available then more would use other transport options and leave their vehicles close to home,” Pierrefonds-Roxboro mayor Dimitrios Jim Beis said while Pointe Claire Mayor John Belvedere noted that “it’s a great project but the way it’s going to work is if people can feel comfortable driving there, parking their car and getting on to go somewhere.”

“This significant change in the planning of the West Island stations transfers the burden of finding viable solutions to the lack of parking, to municipalities” said Kirkland Mayor Michel Gibson.

“We want to be crystal clear that we understand people, once the REM is operational, will need a car to get to the station and parking spots will be consideration for those who have to drop their loved ones off or those who need a car due to reduced mobility,” Chitilian told The Suburban.

Chitilian noted that the new light rail project will be working closely in conjunction with the STM to “completely revamp our public transportation service to get passengers to the West Island stations and we are designing our plans with that mindset.”

There are currently 700 parking spots listed for the West Island stations, a drastic drop from original numbers earlier projected. “We will have a platform for buses, taxi and drop off zones as well as car sharing areas because we want the largest number of people possible suing the new service and we have an obligation to provide means to get easily to and from the new stations,” Chitilian said.

And while the new project isn’t expected to see the light of day for four years at least, “the REM will be a game changer because not only will West Island commuters be able to easily get into the downtown core in about thirty minutes, it will also mean skilled workers coming to the West Island which is something the business community is very excited about,” said Chitilian.

For regular users of the Deux Montagnes train line that is expecting major disruption to service next year and a complete closure soon after, Chitilian said that “ we tried all possible scenarios to work on half of the line at one time while still keeping it operational but from an engineering and operational perspectives, it was simply not possible.”

In meetings with other actors in the project including the Ministry of Transport, Chitilian said that there are three criteria the work must adhere to that are “provide solutions that will abide an alternative solution that is still easier than driving, providing a solution that is reliable and to limit the number of phase changes.”

And while Chitilian agreed that “it is going to be difficult, the project has budgeted $ 200 million to provide solutions for these commuters.

“This is still a work in progress and while we are living in a stressful world with many time constraints, we will work to ensure the impact of construction for our users.”




REM is a joke for off and west Islanders

Beryl Wasjman
7 hrs ago

This REM project has become a total JOKE! First it was that idiotic mayor Plante who decided to cancel any car access for drop off or pick-up at the Kirkland station and that only buses would bring people to and from this station on the access road. How stupid, ludicrous, backwards plus any other adjective that can be added. How does this inexperienced and unknowledgeable person(who has absolutely no idea what the West Island is all about) get this kind of power or authority? Is this not a provincial government project responsibility? Why doesn’t this two bit mayor stop meddling. She should be more concerned about the goings on within her city, which, from all indications people are really getting fed up with her administration.

Next there was the junior transport minister’s meeting a few weeks ago to update people as to the intended plans for the new Ile aux Torte bridge. Here again what is being proposed is stupid, plus all the other adjectives mentioned above. Why create bus lanes to serve the communities west of Ste. Anne’s. Buses would be inefficient and even worse, can you imagine if they would come under the control of the STCUM, Plante and her Agglomeration Council! As usual the plans would only address the problems for the now, but totally ignore any future requirements of the future, as more and more people move West out of Montreal and any of it’s control. Why stop REM at Ste. Anne’s?

Now I read in this weeks Suburban that there will be next to no parking spaces. Isn’t that just ducky! Pointe Claire was originally to have 1500 spaces. Now there will be none! What a total farce. I wonder what the management of the Fairview Shopping Center are thinking about this move? Will they have to hire extra security to stop people from using their area as parking space?

They will be building a new hospital in Vaudreuil. Can you imagine having to rely on buses to possibly get there? The minister said there may be, and a very small may be, that REM rail lines may be included, but you get the same rhetoric as previous administrations, “oh well, we’ll just have to spend more and more money later to do what should be done NOW”. Making provisions now would reduce the cost substantially compared to having to do it all over again years from now.

But I’m more disappointed in the lack of action by the administrations of the demerged West Island cities and probably a few cities that have remained as part Montreal. You hear the odd item here and there, but nothing of value. It’s not possible that we have to accept such ridiculous decisions. It’s not possible that a proper coalition of cities cannot force the government to do what should be done.

This is an incompetent, misadministered province at all government levels and “the more it changes the more it stays the same”

Gene Cappelli
Pointe Claire

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24 minutes ago, ScarletCoral said:

“This significant change in the planning of the West Island stations transfers the burden of finding viable solutions to the lack of parking, to municipalities” said Kirkland Mayor Michel Gibson.

Donc le maire de Kirkland se surprend que la responsabilité de trouver des solutions viables à la planification urbaine désastreuse d'une ville revienne à la ville elle-même? 

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4 hours ago, p_xavier said:

Angryphone qu'on dit.


4 hours ago, Rocco said:

Lets buy him a one-way ticket off the 401 and let him be at peace. I'll start the GoFundMe campain.

Can you please explain to me why it's a language issue? Two unnecessary comments...

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