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Rumeur: nouvelle liaison vers une ville majeure

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2 hours ago, caribb said:

Well major city (outside Asia) could mean many things. Major world city (New York/Paris level) is only a handful. Major in term of population could mean dozens more. Let’s see what’s possible among primary cities we have no direct service to;

North America

- Seattle (has potential -w/Alaska)

- Monterrey 


-San Diego


-St Louis

-Honolulu (if we lump it into the USA)

i only see most of these when Air Canada gets the A230 /CS300 otherwise it would have to be by a non Canadian carrier (forget Westjet they’re useless here)

South America ;

-Buenos Aires 

-Santiago   (Has potential - w/Latam)

-Rio de Janeiro

-Sao Paulo (has potential)

-Bogota (has potential)




São Paulo hands down for me overall but Santiago a good runner up  in South America 


-Madrid (has potential -w/Iberia)



-Helsinki (has potential -w/Finnair)


-Vienna (has potential)

-Milan (has potential - with Air Italy?)


-Oslo (Norwegian?)

Madrid/Iberia would be at the top of my wish list but Finnair could be another WOW in Montreal using their Helsinki’s hub. Moscow/Aeroflot is huge and would be a nice addition too.


-Dakar (has potential -w/Air Canada Rouge)

-Marrakesh (has potential)

-Abidjan (has potential)

-Lome (has potential - w/Ethiopian)





-Dar es Salaam

-Cairo (has potential)






Air Canada had Dakar on its target list early on. If Ethiopian has 5th freedom rights out of Lomé it could be a useful link to all of West Africa and beyond. Overall though at this point it’s not likely to be a big priority. I suspect it’ll be a more of a major market sometime in the future  

Persisn Gulf (if it’s not considered Asia)

-Dubai (has potential)

-Abu Dhabi (has potential)

Air agreements need to be updated though so unlikely 

have I missed any key ones?




So like I said, it can be anything :D

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On 2018-05-03 at 5:06 PM, WestAust said:

J’ai appris de source tres bien informée que Montreal aura une nouvelle liaison aerienne vers une ville majeure, je ne peux dire laquelle mais ce n’est pas en asie. Je vous laisse spéculer:D 

If they will announce something shortly for a December launch, then it could be South America. 

Highly likely it will be on a Rouge 767, since YVR Rouge operations got de-hubbed and all the frames will come to YYZ/YUL this coming winter. 

If the situation unfolds as I described, then my bet is on BOG. (deep south america is tough to make money on, as aircraft utilization goes down the shitter, which is why I'm not leaning towards GRU, EZE or GIG).

Another possibility for a winter launch is SAN or MSY on a Rouge A319 or AC E175, respectively.

If the announcement will be later this year, for a summer 2019 start, then it can be anything, including a European or African destination. 

DKR, TXL, MXP are all possibilities.


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Im crossing my fingers for a flight to Abuja, Accra, or Abidjan. It would probably start as Rouge, then maaaaaaybe move to mainline.

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