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ville-marie 1500, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest - 19 étages


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9 hours ago, Rocco said:

Ils ont clairement des problèmes d'approvisionnement de verre des balcons. Ça n'avance tout simplement pas.

Our gazing suppliers have a backlog of 19 weeks right now for standard orders.  For custom orders like they're using here, its around 30 weeks.  Its a disaster.  We're importing what we can from the USA but the delays only improve by a few weeks.  

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9 hours ago, internationalx said:

I love this little project but it's missing about 5 extra floors.  😏

This is one is easily missing 20 - 30 stories especially that has an elegant and curvy architecture which you so rarely see in this city.  Imagine coming off the Ville Marie Guy St. exit onto RL and seeing 50 stories in your face.  Would scream downtown.  But sadly not in Montreal.  Too many good looking buildings getting lost in sea of vertical mediocrity.   

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3 hours ago, Doctor D said:

Why? It already dominates de Maisonneuve.

Dominates is perhaps a little strong.  I just think it would be much better proportioned with an additional 5 or so floors; the upper portion just looks like it wants to taller.   And in a neighborhood that has so much pre-fab and concrete, I think slightly taller would have gone a long way.   That said, this is my favorite of the smaller developments.  

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