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ville-marie Quartier chinois (René-Lévesque et Saint-Laurent) - ?? étages


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Quartier chinois (René-Lévesque et Saint-Laurent)


Emplacement : 1111 boul. Saint-Laurent  (Terrain vague coin René-Lévesque et Saint-Laurent)
No de lot : 1 180 610
Hauteur en étages :  
Hauteur en mètres : 
Coût du projet : 
Promoteur : Société en commandite 1111 St-Laurent [Commanditaire Société minière Alta Inc.  – Commandité : 9153-0121 QUÉBEC INC.] détient le terrain depuis 22 mars 2005
Architecte : 
Entrepreneur général : 
Début de construction : 
Fin de construction : 
Site internet : 
Lien webcam : 
Autres images : 
Vidéo promotionnelle : 
Rumeurs : rumeur de @vincenzofrom reliable source...3 buildings:1-condo/hotel; 2senior residence; and 3- not decided - another hotel or condos
Autres informations: 

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Not too sure what to make of this - and I certainly wouldn't want to get your hopes up for nothing - but... ;)


A caravan with a "Bureau des ventes" sign has just been set up on the empty lot at the corner of René-Lévesque and St-Laurent. Thing is, there's no rendering in sight, just a little sheet of paper in the window that says "L'orée du parc" or something like that (I was in a hurry... :)) and another sheet with business hours.


Anyway, I googled that name and found this project on St-Grégoire near De Brébeuf: http://www.montrealbits.com/apartments/l_oree_du_parc.html. I don't even know if that project was eventually built or if it was just a proposal that went nowhere. Could they have decided to move that project to that lot on René-Lévesque? Certainly seems like a strange spot for a project of that scale, unless it's been modified... Then again maybe someone else needed the caravan and parked it there without removing the "Bureau des ventes" sign...


So, does anybody know what that's all about? :confused:

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Actually, I remember that a few years back there was a big sign on that lot announcing a condo project. No sales office, but there was a real estate agent's name and phone number on the sign. I guess it never amounted to anything though. But perhaps that project is being revived. One can always hope...

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This lot is often used to park caravans. During Spring , there were several caravans from a movie production hapenning a few kilometers from there.

They were only parked there.


Maybe a caravan rental company uses this lot.


Let's not get excited for nothing neither.

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Terrain qui vient d'être vendu pour $ 4,2M. Ce terrain a une superficie de 1985 metres carrés......quasi $200. LE PI.CA.

Ce terrain est borné aussi par St-Dominique.


Merci pour l'info booboo!! 1985 mètres carrés...ce n'est pas très très gros. ON parle d'environs 20,000p², ce qui serait trop petit pour une tour à bureau, mais juste correct pour une tour résidentielle!:thumbsup:

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