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Significant AC network/schedule announcement coming in the next few days


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Relié ou pas, j’ai reçu un courriel de changement d’itinéraire de Air Canada hier concernant LHR.  C’était pour un changement d’appareil.  Il semblerait que le 330-300 est remplacé par un 787-900.  Je sais pas si ça l’avait déjà été annoncé avant? Sur le site de Air Canada je constate que le 330 sur YUL-LHR termine le 29 avril mais je vois que le 787 sur LHR-YUL commence le 3 mars. Je comprends pas trop.

L’horaire du YUL-LHR semble devancé quelque peu également à partir 30 avril (départ 19:10 plutôt que 19:45). 

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Seems mostly related to west coast-Hawaii going Max 8. YVR will no longer be a Rouge crew base.This will free up some 767s, which is good news for YUL/YYZ.

Nothing official yet though, and the flight schedules dont reflect these changes yet, which also explains Ian's YUL-LHR equipment discrepancy. The flight shedules should be updated in the next few days i suspect. It's normal for airlines to do final tweaks to their summer schedule around this time.

In the longer term, once AC gets those 4 A333s, I can see more YUL-Europe routes being converted to the A333, freeing up the 787s or Rouge 767s for other missions. 

The only AC routes that need the range of the 787 are YUL-PVG and YUL-NRT. So basing 4 787s in YUL is more than enough to cover these routes. The frames would alternate between Asia and Europe. The rest of the European operations can be done with the A333s, which is just as, if not more efficient than the dreamliner on these shorter segments, on a "cost per seat mile" basis.

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1 of 2 YUL-LAX going Max 8 from May 15-31. Makes sense to use this plane on a 6 hour flight. Seems like a temporary aircraft swap for now, but I'm sure we are going to see the Max on this route year round very soon.


Air Canada during the second-half of May 2018 plans to offer Boeing 737 MAX 8 operating service on Montreal – Los Angeles, which sees the aircraft operating on 1 of 2 daily flights. The 737 MAX 8 will operate from 15MAY18 to 31MAY18, along with Airbus A320.

AC797 YUL0755 – 1059LAX 320 D
AC783 YUL1640 – 1944LAX 7M8 D

AC782 LAX0630 – 1447YUL 7M8 D
AC798 LAX1145 – 2002YUL 320 D

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