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Canada - Israel expand air services agreement


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Canada and Israel expand air services agreement, effective immediately.


The expanded agreement allows designated airlines to operate up to 19 passenger flights per week (up from 12).

AC operates daily YYZ-TLV

AC and TS are adding 1x weekly frequency each on YUL-TLV, for a total of 3x weekly each.

Total for Canadian carriers will be 13x weekly frequencies next summer to TLV. LY operates 4x weekly YYZ-TLV.

AC and TS are hinting at additional service to TLV.



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il y a une heure, FlyboyMTL a dit :

Air Canada is in the final stages of acquiring more A333s.  Should see between 2-4 fins join the fleet in the next 6-24 months.

Ou sont les sources quant à l'acquisition de a330 suplémentaires?

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9 hours ago, GoToTrudeau said:

À mon avis, TLV et FCO devraient être opérés toute l'année.

AC clearly doesn't see it that way. Italy is a heavy tourism market, mostly active in summer. Tel Aviv also draws heavily from tourism (mostly Christians, believe it or not). Again, mostly during the summer season. Hence why both routes are summer seasonal. Things can always change however, but for now, AC seems content to serve both markets in winter from YYZ only.

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