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Canada Jetlines to offer sub-$100 base fares, eventually serve Montreal


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in the hopes of securing capital in the coming weeks.

I wish them well but this isn't even financed yet. YHM is a decent secondary airport for the Golden Horseshoe and they'd sure like to have some planes at the gates deserted years ago by Westjet.

If I were to compare Jetlines vs a WestJet ULCC, on paper the WestJet version has defined a niche (the cross-border airport traveler) whereas Jetlines is just tossing about the major ROC cities and a couple of sunspots.

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If they have decent routes to certain destinations in Canada, I may try them out. Montreal to Hamilton to Vancouver, if the price is right and that I do not need to spend 1 week in Vancouver.

Phase 3 - November 2018-April 2019


(Courtesy of Jetlines)

Talking about ULCC's. I compared WOW  to Air Transat to fly to Paris. It worked out it be cheaper to fly with AT. You do not need to pay for your carry on, you still get 1 luggage and food.

I think we can all agree the airfare in this country is astronomical and needs to be worked on.

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