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Icelandair increases frequencies to YUL for S18 (ie 2 additional weekly freq)


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We got to agree that Icelandair and Wow Air do not provide us much added value - except for no frills cheaper fares.

They benefit from a superbly located hub (Reykjavik) that enable them to fly cheaper (to acquire + operate) narrow body equipment.

Their segments are short enough so to bring crews back home the same day (thus saving on hotels/meals/salaries).

I agree those no frills cheaper fares might bring in some new travellers (that would not have travelled otherwise). But it also siphons off some "economy" customers (FWIW) from current established airlines (that spends more $ locally).

As they develop new secondary European destinations, Icelandair/Wow Air will acquire a bigger low fare market share thought. If you are stuck connecting in CDG/FRA/LHR/ZRH/AMS, may as well connect in Reykjavik at half the price...(but suffer those Icelandair B757/B737 narrow seats longer - but are they really worst than 777HDs?)

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