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Les festivals montréalais


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All of them will continue to go up, festivals and concerts. The only one I'm worried about is Heavy MTL, which shat the bed hard in 2015/2016, so hopefully they get their act next year. For concerts, Osheaga hit 135,000 again this year, Ilesoniq jumped to 65/70,000 (up from 50,000 last year) Metallica got 40,000, Gn'R got 32,500, 77 Montreal got 8,000 (not bad for the first year). If all goes well next year, Osheaga will hit 135K again, Ilesoniq can possibly reach 80/90,000, heavy should get at least 40,000 minimum, 77 MTL should aim for 15,000 and then MTL could have a big 4 summer concert rotation. 

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