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7300 Hutchison

7300 hutchison.jpg


Emplacement: Frontière entre Parc-Extension et le Mile-End
Hauteur en étages: 6
Hauteur en mètres: 
Coût du projet: 
Promoteur: BSR Group
Entrepreneur général: 
Début de construction: 
Fin de construction: 
Site internet: https://www.bsrgroup.ca/current-projects/7290-7300-hutchison
Lien webcam: 
Autres images: 
Vidéo promotionnelle: 
Autres informations: 70 logements


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Honnêtement, c'est scandaleux. L'édifice actuel est 100x plus intéressant. 

En changeant l'enveloppe comme on veut le faire, on condamne le bâtiment à être démoli ou modifié un jour. Du développement jetable. 

Et en plus de cela, la composition hétérogène de ce bout de rue m'a plu énormément dès la première fois que je l'ai vu. C'est "tout croche", dense et fonctionnel. 


7290 - 7300 Hutchison

Availability to come - 70 rental units




C'est l'édifice à droite 



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Je trouve le projet prometteur! 

Le truc moche, c'est possiblement une terrasse. 

En passant, ca serait bien que le message pinned en haut se passe de critique aussi drastique, une présentation neutre serait de mise, et ensuite si tu veux critiquer tu as le champ libre sur les autres messages, c'est mon opinion.



Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 12.18.52 AM.png

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il y a 8 minutes, MDCM a dit :

Je trouve le projet prometteur!

Le truc moche, c'est possiblement une terrasse. 

En passant, ca serait bien que le message pinned en haut se passe de critique aussi drastique, une présentation neutre serait de mise, et ensuite si tu veux critiquer tu as le champ libre sur les autres messages, c'est mon opinion.

Pardon. Prochaine fois que j'ouvre un fil sur un nouveau projet, je copierai l'entête de Vince. O.o 

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En effet le message d'ouverture devrait toujours être neutre, une objectivité nécessaire pour éviter d'imposer un ton plus ou moins positif selon le cas. De toute façon les critiques ne manqueront pas de se présenter, dans un sens ou dans l'autre comme cela se fait sur tous les fils de discussions.

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Projet de 70 unités locatives par BSR Group

7290 - 7300 Hutchison

Located right on the border between Park Extension and Mile End, this beautiful 70-unit apartment building will offer the best of both worlds as residents will enjoy all that these culturally diverse, trendy and artistic Montreal neighbourhoods have to offer. The city's famous Jarry Park is around the corner and the Jean Talon Market is a 15-minute walk away. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping in the area, including conveniences such as supermarkets, pharmacies and specialty food stores. Situated at the northernmost end of Parc Ave., transportation to downtown is a breeze by bus, car or metro. The Parc Metro station is just across the street. The building, which will be fully loaded with amenities, will have commercial on the ground floor. Heat, hot water and air conditioning will be included in the rent and each apartment unit will be equipped with brand-new appliances. 


Je suis tombée sur ce projet en raison de cette nouvelle sur CTV News :

Park Ex business owners fight gentrification

CTV Montreal
Published Thursday, November 23, 2017 10:51PM EST
Last Updated Friday, November 24, 2017 8:10AM EST

Business owners at the corner of Ogilvy Ave. and Hutchison St. in Park Extension are getting the boot.

Their landlord has given them notice that the mixed-use building is going to be transformed into apartments, with no room for merchants.

Vathany Srikandrajah has been running Sri Durca furniture in the same location for 22 years.

She said other tenants began moving out earlier this year, and that's having an effect on customers.

"People know this place is closing down so even though I am here, there are not sure that I'm here or not," said Srikandrajah. "Everything is finishing here... Dying."

The building was purchased by a new owner, BSR Group, which has told Srikandrajah she must vacate by early December.

BSR Group said it gave all tenants the amount of notice required by their leases.

Mohammed Azizul Haque of Marché Pardesh said he received 32 days' notice, which is not enough.

"How can I leave within 32 days? This is a supermarket. I cannot leave within 32 days. I need more time," said Haque.

Ron Basal, the manager of BSR Group, said the location is ideal for the project it wants to build and would transform the neighbourhood by attracting families, immigrants, and successful professionals.

"Location, location, location. It's a great location, we love the location. I think Park Ex, as you say, it's poor but the way it's going, there's a new development coming in the city. Like St. Henri, Verdun, Griffintown. These were poor areas, and now it's getting better and better," said Basal.

Community groups in Park Extension disagree, and say redevelopments like this one will force out existing residents. According to a 2013 Centraide survey, Park Ex is one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada.

"He's clearly a businessman, he not here to support the people of Park Ex, he's there to make money," said Andre Trepanier of the Park Extension Action Committee.

Advertisements for the new apartments describe them as fully-loaded units near a culturally diverse, trendy and artistic neighbourhood.

Trepanier said that type of marketing is taking advantage of Park Extension.



(Image de CBC)


Voir article de CBC ici : http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/parc-extension-building-development-eviction-letters-sale-1.4415049

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Park Extension residents rally against luxury apartment project

Residents and community groups gathered in Park Extension on Thursday evening to protest a planned luxury apartment project that they said will contribute to gentrification in the neighbourhood.

“The people in Park Ex deserve a lot better than not having their voice heard,” said organizer Joshua Singh.

Roughly 20 people came to the rally in front of the borough hall during a meeting of the urban planning committee to voice their displeasure with the project, which would be located across from the Parc Metro station. The development has not yet been approved by borough council.

The land was purchased by developer BSR Group last year and since then, many of the merchants who were tenants in the building already located there have left.

“Park Ex is an immigrant district, working class people and we want to keep our people living in Park Ex and not become a new Plateau-Mont-Royal,” said Andre Trepanier of the Park Extension Action Committee.

According to a 2013 Centraide study, Park Ex is among the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada but the community advocates said changes are coming. They pointed to the Universite de Montreal’s new Outremont campus, which is set to open next year, as an example.

“We feel we’ve been abandoned by the City of Montreal in the past,” said Trepanier. “We have a lack of social housing in the district, close to 900 families on the waiting list for low-income apartments.”

BSR Group manager Ron Basal said the project will benefit the neighbourhood.

“When we took possession of the building, we found druggies, junkies, syringes in the hallways, people were sleeping in the building,” he said. “I’m adding a big value to the city.”

Singh said any benefits will be felt by just the developer and not residents.

“It’s just greed and for years we’ve been fighting against any kind of huge developments,” he said. 

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Be poor and stay poor. Great logic! I believe there is not a single condo project in the whole Parc Ex neighbourghood. One pops on the radar and they get all crazy against gentrification. Quite sad. I guess cockroaches infested apartment buildings are the way to go.

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