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ville-marie McGill Desautels - Old Bookstore Reno


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  • 9 months later...

Je comprends pas pourquoi Desautels voulait absolument cet espace... qui n'est pas très grand.

Y'a fallu déménager le bookstore, qui se retrouve plus loin du campus.

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  • 4 months later...

It's for the MBA program. 

Historically, McGill's MBA program has been quite mediocre by international business school standards. The school decided to change their offering a few years ago. They massively hiked tuition to around C$40,000 per year, invested in new internationally known professors, endowed more research chairs and generally upped their game. I don't follow B-school rankings so I don't know if they've been successful but I have a feeling that the MBA school has gained in reputation, international recognition and a higher calibre (no offense to meant to any graduates) student population. In any case, it looks like things are going well. Yet, despite paying many times more for the MBA program than any other program at Desautels, the MBA classes were held in the same building as all the others. To gain further credibility I imagine that the MBA administrators wanted a building that someone paying such high tuition would be proud of - and maybe even demand.

Given that the old bookstore is (i) right next to the Desautels building and (ii) is a good size and decently modern, I guess it made sense to claim it for the faculty. The bookstore is deceiving - it had 3 above ground floors where space was not maximized and a massive basement (to store all the textbooks). For an MBA school it should be provide ample space. 

MBA schools are one of those funny things: Sometimes simply hiking prices can make it more attractive. There is perceived value in pricing - especially when years back the McGill MBA was essentially the same price as undergrad (i.e. very cheap by B-school standards). Further, once the program has more dollars coming in it can invest in better professors, teaching methods, chairs, etc. and (hopefully) it becomes a virtuous cycle.

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Il y a 12 heures, budgebandit a dit :

C'est deux ans pour le programme à temps partiel et ca coute environ $8500 

Merci de l'info.  Un peu plus abordable...

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