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Quartier de la Montagne



Nom: Quartier de la Montagne
Hauteur en étages: 18
Hauteur en mètres:
Coût du projet: 250 millions
Promoteur: Carbonleo
Architecte: Lemay et Sid Lee Architecture
Entrepreneur général:
Emplacement: 1430-1432, 1440 de la Montagne
Début de construction:
Fin de construction: 2018
Site internet: http://www.carbonleo.com/projet/rue-montagne/
Lien webcam:
Autres informations: Hôtel (Four Seasons) 163 chambres et 18 résidences privées. Directement lié au magasin Ogilvy, agrandit par Holt Renfrew & Co. ltée à 220 000 pieds carrés.
Autres images:
Vidéo promotionnelle: 


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Faudrait pas virer à l’idolâtrie non plus, ça reste un chanteur, on a déjà 2 murales, pas besoin de renommer un aéroport, une rue et une place en son honneur... oui c’est un grand Montréalais, mais fa

29 janvier 2020

I was invited for a tour today ...   

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On 2020-10-09 at 9:57 AM, mcgill101 said:

I heard a rumor from inside Carbonleo that the hotel is being converted to a Westin.

Ouch.  That is one hell of a downgrade.

It make sense to switch to Bulgari. It be the first in the America's.

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On 2020-10-09 at 12:55 PM, mcgill101 said:

I agree, just sharing a rumor through a credible source. 

Keep in mind, they aren't able to sell at least 10/18 condos, and the hotel has been bleeding money since opening due to covid. 

By 10/18 condos, you mean 10 of the 18 penthouses have yet to find an  owner? Damn.

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On 2020-10-09 at 12:55 PM, mcgill101 said:

I agree, just sharing a rumor through a credible source. 

Keep in mind, they aren't able to sell at least 10/18 condos, and the hotel has been bleeding money since opening due to covid. 

Awful. Since the start I had my doubts on this ultra-luxury concept for Montreal, in such a location. They hit the wall cuz they never learn. NEVER. 30 years ago, in 1988, they renovated the old Mont-Royal hotel and converted it into this ultra-luxury shopping center named Cours Mont-Royal, with all the luxury gimmicks, condos and offices. The moment it opened, it went downhill, never caught up and look how it is now.. Cours Mont Royal is a dump of a shopping center and there's nothing luxury in it anymore. The concept was exactly the same that Carbonleo wanted to do, bring ultra luxury into a single high end project in that exact same part of Montreal. Its did not work out 30 years ago, and it will not work out now. Luxury doesnt work in Montreal, will they ever get it???

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    • By swansongtoo
      I'm sure there's a thread for this piece of land but too lazy to look.
      In Saturday's Gazette a report on a new Preval projet on the former Franciscan church site.
      Suspects are apparently already complaining though that's a small piece of the report.
      MONTREAL - A vast tract of downtown land, left partially empty after the site’s historic Franciscan church was destroyed in a 2010 blaze, could be reinvented as two 18-storey condo towers.
      Groupe Prével, the developer that transformed the former Seville theatre near the old Forum into a sold-out multi-phase condo project, has an option to buy part of the site on the south side of René Lévesque Blvd., west of Fort St. and the entrance to Highway 720.
      The Prével project — which would include a 330-square-metre public park on part of the site — would require the city of Montreal to change the zoning from institutional to residential.
      “We’ve had internal discussions with the planning department and they seem positive about it,” said Jonathan Sigler, a co-founder of the urban condo developer, which has also built the Lowney project in Griffintown.
      “But obviously, this is going to go through a public consultation.”
      The project comes at a time when the city of Montreal, along with other local muncipalities, is under fire for fast-tracking residential development at the expense of green space and such services as schools and daycares in areas like Griffintown. Sigler said Prével’s project would balance development with the need for green space, by creating the park and maintaining the woods in the back of the site known as the jardin des Franciscains.
      “Nothing would be knocked out,” Sigler told The Gazette.
      But some residents in nearby Shaughnessy Village have already called on city officials to “firmly oppose the project” and come up with a plan oriented toward better public access to the site instead of for “building condo towers.”
      Through the deal with the Franciscans, Prével would acquire only part of the site, which includes two heritage buildings used by commercial tenants. The religious order, which first stepped foot in Quebec nearly 400 years ago, would continue to own these two buildings.
      The historic Franciscan church was destroyed in an early-morning fire more than three years ago. News reports said the religious order had ceased holding services at the aging church, and abandoned the building in 2007 because it couldn’t afford the $5 million in needed repairs.
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      Dans Sainte-Marie et en face du fleuve
      297 logements

    • By IluvMTL
      170-188, boul. René-Lévesque Est

      180 René-Lévesque Est
      Client : Hillpark Capital
      Architecte : NEUF Architect(e)s
      Le 180 René-Lévesque Est est une tour de 21 étages avec deux sous-sols à l’entrée du centre-ville de Montréal ayant une présence marquée parmi les bâtiments voisins de plus faible hauteur. La tour possède une dalle en tréfonds accueillant des arbres matures, ainsi qu’un podium au quatrième étage abritant une piscine pour les usagers de cette tour résidentielle. 
      Conception d’un radier sur la totalité de l’empreinte du bâtiment en raison de la faible capacité portante du sol;
      Élaboration d’une stratégie de soutènement des terres afin d’éviter les ouvrages souterrains et permettant la reprise en sous-œuvre de deux bâtiments voisins de plus de trois étages.

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