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When will we see YXE and/or YQR flights?


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Saskatoon and Regina, are two of the last un-served domestic markets from YUL.  Even though they are small cities, at the moment their passengers are forced to connect in YYZ in order to head to YUL or to anywhere in Europe that YYZ doesn't serve.  

Are these on AC's radar and whats the chance we see them served anytime in the future?  What kind of traffic O/D to YUL do these cities have?

I feel like the increased flights through YUL presents more opportunity and justification than ever for these routes.


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18 hours ago

Air Canada (AC, Montréal Trudeau) has outlined its proposed plans for the deployment of two B737 MAX aircraft due to enter its fleet by the end of 2017. The new narrow-bodies are likely to be used on routes from Victoria Int'l to Toronto Pearson and Montréal Trudeau, and between Calgary and Halifax, reports Skies Mag.

Although the above explanation is somewhat ambiguous, and it could be interpreted as stating that the Victoria flights will go to Montreal via Toronto, the most sensible interpretation is that the flights from Victoria to YUL will be non-stop.

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