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I have to say, overcrowding at Trudeau has really become a serious problem. 

I'm not sure if its due to the number of delayed / cancelled flights lately that's causing a logjam of passengers literally everywhere but its come to the point where, as a frequent flyer, I'm starting to get fairly frustrated by the complete lack of organization.  

YUL doesn't have the exclusive rights to the mess at North American airports either.  Having recently been through Denver, Las Vegas, Austin, SFO, LAX, JFK and EWR in the last few months, in general the entire situation is FUBAR'd.  That said, in the last half decade EWR has gone from "avoid at all costs" to me really appreciating the redesign.  It might end up being one of the best airports in North America when its done.  If YUL can achieve even 3/4 of what they've done, it'll be amazing.

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